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Sometimes, I just want to play a game that will make me smile. I find games full of animals, like dogs, make me happy. There are quite a few games full of adorable dogs and entertaining dog-themed adventures! I have gathered the ones I most enjoy to share with you.

Corgi Snow Day

Corgi Snow Day is a super cute little game that just has you hugging your doggos! There are loads of cute corgis scattered around your house. It’s snowing outside, so you and your dogs are going to stay inside in the warmth. Five of the dogs are highlighted in orange; these are the dogs that you can interact with!

Each dog needs a little cuddle time, so you can go over to them, talk to them, and then embrace them. The narrative to this game — what you say and how you describe cuddling the dogs — is likely the cutest thing I have ever read. You clearly are inexorably infatuated with your little dogs and you’re greatly enjoying a quiet day in with them. This is a short but very sweet game that will really warm up your heart.


Puppertrator is a very well made detective game that takes place in a single room. You have been falsely accused of stealing Fluffy Flufferton’s secret stash of bones!

He has kidnapped you and tied you up in his basement where he has been investigating this case. Around you, are a myriad of clues and evidence, as well as suspects other than yourself. Fluffy is convinced that you did it, but maybe with your smarts, you can use his clues to figure out the real perpetrator and convince him of your innocence.

There is a ton of stuff around you. Some stuff is irrelevant, while other stuff is important. You need to focus on what could possibly get you out of this place. When you talk to Fluffy to tell him who did it, he will ask for specific details on how you came to that conclusion. If you are incorrect, he will point out why, based on the information and research he has discovered, that you’re wrong. Good luck getting out of this one!

Animal Inspector

This game allows you to inspect animals to decide which ones get removed, and which ones stay around, as there are too many pets. You have taken on this job in order to save your precious dog — if you are an inspector, you won’t let your own animal be rejected!

There are a lot of strange things going on at this new job however. Additionally, you do have a quota of animals you have to reject, but you are doing all of this for your best pal, your own dog. You have a couple of coworkers — one who always rejects animals, and another who loves cats! Your boss is pretty uninteresting; he tells you how to do your job and lets you know when you have messed up.

As you get further and further into the game, you will start discovering strange things that are happening. It seems like there might be other reasons for this agency’s existence. Even with these bizarre things, you must stay focused on being a good employee so that your dog can continue to be your best pal.

Puzzle Puppers

Puzzle Puppers is a cute puzzle game that has you stretching out dogs so they can get to their food bowls. Each level is a different puzzle, sometimes with more than one dog.

You're trying to guide the same colored dog to its bowl so that it can eat. Two parts of the dog cannot occupy the same square, so you must stretch the dogs around each other. In some levels, there are also hams! These tasty treats will unlock special levels if you gain enough of them!

Over time, new mechanics are added to the levels, like holes and rivers. Holes are basically portals that teleport the dog to a new area (where the other hole is located) so that you can get across gaps or take up less space when going to the bowl. Rivers will wash your dog downstream, so you need to be careful when planning out going across them.

This game has tons of levels full of colorful doggos for you to enjoy. It's worth noting that the Android version is free, while the version is $4.99.

Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human!

Paws & Effect: My Dogs Are Human! is a very interesting visual narrative currently available in the demo stage. Have you ever wanted your dogs to transform into humans? This game explores a day in your life when that happens.

Your life is pretty great right now: You have a new job, a birthday party to attend this weekend and two super cute dogs. Everything is excellent, until your dogs turn into humans. There appears to be no way to turn them back, and no one to help you out. So instead, you need to teach them how to become human.

These dogs are full of questions and are extremely curious about many aspects of their lives. They have also learned a lot from being with you every day. This game is full of hilarious dialog between a couple of dogs turned human, and yourself. At the moment, it only shows one day of the debacle, but hopefully more hilarity will follow soon.


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