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Politics, am I right? You never quite know what sorts of internet-borne creations will sprout from all the, um, interesting moments of the campaign trails. The latest of these creations comes courtesy of The Nuisance Committee, a Super PAC of Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin?

All righty, then. I suppose that's the sort of combination of words only the internet can make happen!

Anyways, the stunt itself comes in the form of a website called "Trump Is Not A Team Player" and features some of the most impressive mishmashes of politics and video game art I've ever seen. The website features pictures of Trump as Overwatch characters, with text as though he were a bad, salty player (e.g., “THIS SCREEN HAS INPUT DELAY!”).

After that, however, it gets into actual politics. Which you're welcome to take a look at if you're interested, but we're here to focus on the games! If you want to treat your eyes to Trump as Overwatch characters, read on, dear reader.

Trump As Hanzo

I think this one may be my favorite. Not just because it puts the idea of Trump maining Hanzo in my mind but because it's actually... well, it's kind of cool!

Speaking of maining Hanzo, The Nuisance Committee actually paid to have the billboard above put up. If you can't tell, it says, "Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat." Not cool, Don, not cool.

Regardless of in-game antics, I'm not quite sure this version of Hanzo could pull off some of the wall-climbing maneuvers that the original could — giant walls are more Mei-Trump's thing — but he certainly looks poised to send that arrow right at someone's face.

Trump As Genji

This one... okay, he actually looks kind of sad. I mean, a salty Overwatch player probably would be a bit sad, so it works. But he still looks sad.

I can only imagine this is Genji-Trump after his team complained about him maining Hanzo so much that he decided to switch to the other Shimada brother, only to still lose. Life is hard in both politics and gaming, man.

Trump As Bastion

Man, Bastion-Trump, what are you doing? How could you let cute, little Ganymede die? Maybe he tried exert his dominance by charging directly into the enemies despite being a Bastion on offense and the little guy was killed in the crossfire. Or maybe he found out the bird's name was actually BerdieSanders.

Probably best not to think about it too much.

Trump As Junkrat

He may have lost a leg during the Omnic Crisis, but he's strong enough not to let that affect his mental fortitude. Junkrat-Trump is primed and ready, and he's just waiting to fire in the hole.

Although, I think maybe one shirtless-Trump drawing was all I needed.

Trump As Reaper

I, uh... that face is going to haunt me. But then again, Reaper is a pretty haunting individual (especially thanks to his newly released pumpkin-head skin). I have to imagine that this is the persona Trump took during the recent debate as he brooded all over the stage.

This is definitely the scariest of all the Trump drawings, and Reaper-Trump is quite imposing. I don't think I'd ever want to cross paths with him.

All in all, these drawings are impressive work. Maybe you agree with the political angle of the website, maybe you don't. Regardless, the drawings will be in my head the next time I run into any of these characters in Overwatch. And personally, I'm always happy to see video game characters re-imagined in any fashion, so this is a treat.


Which Trump is your favorite?


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