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With PC sales for rocket jumping their way past 1 million on the PC and multiplayer shooters like and seeing roaring success, it's time to look back and pay dues to the grand-daddy of the FPS genre.

Watch Doom Running On... Everything

Doom has been ported to almost every console you can think of, from the PlayStation 3 to something called the Acorn Archimedes, but its fans have refused to stop there. Between making absurd mods that replace everything in the game with Tim Allen, they've taken up the task of getting the game to run on every conceivable object they possibly can. Here are a few of the greats!

A Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The most recent Doom hack is one of the most difficult to play. The new MacBook Pro comes with a controversial Touch Bar that features an adaptable visual display. The fact that the touch bar is about the width of a pencil doesn't seem to have deterred madman genius diffractive, who managed to port the classic game onto the Touch Bar's minute display. Whether he's managed to actually beat the game without going blind from eye strain has yet to be confirmed.


When most people think of hacking an ATM, they imagine piles of money spitting out into the street. Engineer and YouTube sensation Aussie50 (most famous for his video of a washing machine absolutely demolishing itself) had other ideas. With the help of some friends, he's hacked a cash machine to play Doom, using the number pad as a control panel, and is even working on modifying the machine into a makeshift arcade cabinet.

A Digital Camera


Not just any digital camera, a clunky, turn of the millenium Kodak D260. According to Chris Bly, who altered multiple Kodaks to prank camera repair technicians, the hack was possible thanks to the Digita OS operating system, which was used on many digital cameras of the era. The camera also reportedly ran Dig Dug and the original Donkey Kong.

A Calculator

Sure, why not? While I was sitting at the back of the class trying to spell out dirty words and sniggering with my friends in math class, the Admin of Omnimaga managed to get Doom working on a Texas Instruments Nspire. While the game only managed to run for 30 seconds before the calculator crashed, it's still a pretty impressive feat, personally I had enough trouble with calculus.

A Printer


Cyber security crusader Michael Jordon took a creative approach when it came to drawing attention to security gaps in wireless enabled devices. In order to demonstrate how a wi-fi enabled printer could be hacked to run custom code, he spent months altering the firmware of a Pixma MG6450 to run Doom on its tiny interface screen. The graphics were a bit rough, but certainly playable, and it definitely got Canon's attention; the company put out a statement shortly after claiming they'd be fixing the vulnerability in all future Pixma models. If you want to see how Jordon managed this feat, you can check out his process here.

A Chainsaw

Okay, this one's cheating a bit, remember the obscure Acorn Archimedes I mentioned before? Well the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi supports a modified version of the Archimedes's operating system, which means that just about any object can be altered to run Doom, including this toy chainsaw, now re-dubbed 'The Painsaw'. The project was undertaken by scar45 as a love letter to the Doom franchise, and is powered off by pulling the starter choke. Pretty gruesome!



There's seemingly no end to what you can do in Minecraft. From a working Game Boy Classic to a calculator. So it should come as no surprise that some enterprising group of mad-men are working to port Doom into Minecraft. With the two fan bases combined, there's a pretty good chance we'll see a convergence of creative absurdity so great that it ushers in the singularity—albeit one with blocky graphics. Plus, it's only a matter of time until someone codes a version of Doom that runs entirely on a computer built inside a Minecraft map.

And into the future...

What could we be looking forward to in the future of Doom madness? Hopefully someday Bethesda will release the source code for DOOM, and we can hack the holo-displays on our own prosthetic robot arms to run it. Who wouldn't want this installed in their elbow?


Which Doom device is your favorite?


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