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In a move that would have been wholeheartedly ridiculous if it hadn't worked out, Softworks and have finally come together on the subject of mods for on , and if you are one of the many who has a copy of Fallout 4 and a PS4 I'd advise you bring them together, baby. Because mods are finally here!

owners can laugh heartily because they've been enjoying a modded wasteland since May, whilst PS4 players have had to make do with the age old "will they, won't they" as Sony tussled over whether they were really or not.

In a blog post from earlier in the year, Bethesda was pretty candid about which direction their finger of blame was pointed:

After months of discussion with Sony, we regret to say that while we have long been ready to offer mod support on PlayStation 4, Sony has informed us they will not approve user mods the way they should work: where users can do anything they want for either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special Edition.

But now after months of waiting and moaning, and contemplating picking up an Xbox One S, mods are now available to be converted or simply dropped onto PS4. And here are a pick of the best ones to grab a hold of.

The Best 'Fallout 4' Mods On PS4

Developer Room

by Vanilla_Thunder

All of Fallout 4's objects exist in this one room. All of the weapons, all of the armor, everything. So instead of being sad that you can't use this workaround, download this mod instead to get your hands on the sickest everything you can find.


by Jacomel

This mod basically makes the game even tougher than it can already be. Like, for example, you level up slower (and receive no boost to health when leveled), realistic weapon weight and damage has been calculated, AI has been improved (meaning tougher battles) and super mutants and robot health have flown through the roof. Yeah, good luck with this one.

Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul

by SerpentBlade

Pretty self-explanatory this. In a view to making the weapons of the wasteland feel and handle a little more... realistically, download this mod which augments damage, accuracy, recoil, weight and AP cost. Word to the wise, this mod requires all DLC.

Unlocked Settlement Objects


This mod is a settlement building tool that brings all of the game's assets to your disposal, so you can build as your heart sees fit. Requires all DLC, because there's more stuff that way!



Whether you're like me and get a little bummed out by the lack of vibrant flora and fauna in the wasteland, here's a mod that seeks to breathe a bit of green into your surroundings.

Dog Rug

by Derajalen

Well this rather practical mod swaps Dogmeat's doghouse for a rug, just in case you wanted your canine pal to relax indoors away from the hostile weather and environment of the wasteland.

Cannibal in Concord

by T9x69

And this chilling mod brings the story of serial killer Albert Fish to Fallout 4. In Concord is a house where horrors will befall your very eyes, as you skulk around in search of the truth behind the Cannibal in Concord!

Those are just a few of my picks. If you have any other favorite mods to add to the list, please throw 'em in the comments below! Let's not go it alone, Sole Survivors.

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