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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Drawing inspiration from classic strategy games like Final Fantasy, Warhammer, and Pokémon, Dungeon of Zaar is bringing fun ideas to a storied genre.

My childhood consisted of many hours logged on a Sega Genesis. If you have never played Shining Force, this might be your chance to experience the unique battle mechanic featured in that series, and understand what made it so much fun to play!

That's all thanks to Dungeon of Zaar. The unique utilization of a chess-like battle grid makes for a fun and challenging experience.

Independent developers at are creating a game with some amazing features, inclusive of dynamic levels, team-building and player-friendly interfaces. The Dungeon of Zaar, home of the great Archmage, is now the battleground for explorers trying to find the treasure within.

So how does Dungeon of Zaar stand in the genre?

I got to sit down and speak with the Zaar team leader, Noé Lecombre, and ask that very question. This is what Noé said:

Players will be able to have a complete freedom over their team composition. There is no "class" that prevents [players] from using certain combinations; we want players to be free to create and have ideas without limits. Also, we tend to be really fast and dynamic. Once you know the game, battles only last 15 minutes or less, and players have only 90 seconds to do all their turn's action. We also want to have fast character animations, just to focus on the interesting part: battle and strategy.

The Structure

Each battle takes place in a random arena, with special dynamic tiles, such as a teleport pad, traps and fire. You will be able to progress through the dungeons with each win, gaining materials to craft items like armor, weapons and consumables to help give you the edge on other dungeon raiders. Explorers will also have special single player missions, but the matches mostly consist of PvP for extra nail biting action!

You'll be able to build your team from at least 15 different mercenaries at launch, with more to be added after. Each will add their own unique abilities and assets to the team; they're sure to make each battle different and challenging. With all these combinations, you're likely to find your own play style.

The hard work put into this game is astounding, and was rewarded with the Jury award at Lyon Esport 9, a large esports event in France! With a team of only three developers pouring their hearts and souls into this, it's an inspiring story.

They are on Kickstarter, and now have a fully funded project! You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to follow the game's progress. Drop a friendly message or help support the crew!

Dungeon of Zaar will be a premium game, so no worrying about in-game purchases or unlocking all the mercenaries. The creators believe in the notion "less is more," and want everyone to be on equal playing fields, especially when battling in PvP settings. The Zaar Team would love to have regular updates and patches to add more game modes and value, and to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Dungeon of Zaar doesn't have a release date yet, but it's expected to be done within the next six months! It will be on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux in English and French at launch. The game will then venture out onto .

Name: Dungeon of Zaar

Creator: KURB

Genre: Fantasy, RPG

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 2017

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