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Tomorrow EA is releasing Battlefield 1. Today we found out that EA is supporting the new Nintendo Switch.

Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe someday.
Maybe someday.

But seriously. The Switch is set to release in March 2017. You know all of these publishers have already started working on game titles to launch with the console. It's very likely that a lot of these titles coming out in the next few months will also be available on the Switch.

Take for example Skyrim, which has its Special Edition coming out next week and was also prominently featured in the reveal video. Battlefield 1 could very likely be heading to the Switch soon after the March 2017 release.

Battlefield 1 has been in early access since last week. First with the Play First Trial that opened up a taste of the game and the amazing pigeon mission for EA and Origin Access subscribers, then again a few days later for Early Enlister Deluxe preorders. The second round also unlocked the full game for everyone in early access.

Today is also the last day to play through the 10 hours of the trial to get your free Battlepack, so if you haven't finished that, get going.

Although, we understand if you have other things vying for your attention.

Would you play Battlefield 1 if it came to the Switch?


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