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Remember when the trailer for Spider-Man for PS4 graced the world back in E3? That was exciting time for fans of our favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. It was just a teaser, but it gave us a really great look at the upcoming game. Something in particular that a lot of people found interesting was Spider-Man's new look. Let's revisit the trailer real quick.

That spider emblem is striking and I'm a big fan of the design as a whole. As it turns out, so is TrevRay Cosplay because the game hasn't even come out yet and he's already rocking the look like a champion. Recently, photographer Jason Laboy teamed up with TrevRay to walk around the streets of New York to take some absolutely eye popping photos.

Swinging Around the Big Apple

Cosplayer:TrevRay Cosplay | Photo: Jason Laboy Photography
Cosplayer:TrevRay Cosplay | Photo: Jason Laboy Photography

Sometimes when I see great cosplay I struggle with finding a phrase other than "spot on" to describe it. This is one of those times. The costume looks crisp and fantastic and the photos look like they could be stills from a movie. It's the perfect storm of cool stuff that makes the fanboy in me feel so alive. That's a little dramatic, but look at this back flip!


Cool Perspectives

What I dig the most about the photos is how dynamic they look. I can barely coordinate my family to stand still for a photo let alone capture something in motion. I'm in love with the entire photo shoot, to be honest. When I grow up, I hope I can take pictures half a good as these.

Like what you see? Make sure to check out Jason Laboy Photography for more of his work and give TrevRay Cosplay a follow on Instagram.

Does this cosplay get you pumped for the upcoming Spider-Man game or what?


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