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"The end is coming!"

No, it's not Trump; it's the Doomsayer waiting to wipe your board again.

Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer and Twitch streamer Brian Kibler took it upon himself to cheer us up while we recover from .

Wait is that "It's the End of the World" by REM playing? Maybe he was actually just embracing the darkness...

It features some of Warlock's classic cards, but mostly it just features cards that echo many Americans doom and gloom feelings since they woke up with the reality of President-elect Trump.

We all know it was those Possessed Villagers that did this to us. We'll all bathe in Hellfire soon enough. DOOM! is coming!

But fear not, America. Like Kibler, you can always Renounce Darkness and trade in your doom and gloom for some Priestly healing.

If cards don't quite do it for you, head on over and check out some of our favorite funny gaming videos. Or if you want to embrace the void, see what a Donald Trump presidency might do to gaming.

How are you getting through the day after the election?


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