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Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed

She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb

In the shape of an "L" on her forehead

Those four lines are the iconic start of Smash Mouth's "All Star," a relic of the '90s that lives on today as a testament to the alt rock band's legacy. Oh, and Shrek.

Jokes aside, "All Star" is actually a pretty good song. And in recent years, Smash Mouth's hit single has reached meme status for its nostalgic lyrics and crazy music video.

Now that's a work of art. And so is this "All Star" trolling from this weekend's "In the Groove 9" competition.

It all began during the "couples" competition, in which two players coordinate a dance, and players have to switch back and forth in order to try for a perfect score. Jim "Aoreo" Nero and Ryan "Rynker" Konkul ended up doing just that, and they won first place in the tournament. But the whole entire event ended with a surprise twist from the tournament competitors.

That's right. Smash Mouth. Check out a video from the crowd here.

Pretty cool, huh? Apparently, In the Groove machines use the StepMania engine, which is pretty friendly towards importing custom songs. That means it's easy to import songs like "All Star" and ask players to dance to them. The Notepad window really seals the deal, too, making it a hilarious send-up to the '90s. And the Internet is loving it.

Dissecting a Meme


But in all seriousness, what's the big deal with "All Star" there? Why did the competition decide to use it?

"All Star" is one of several videos that have been struck with a YouTube editing a mashup craze, in which users repost a video, but edit a key part for humorous effect. It all began with Bee Movie, the Jerry Seinfeld 3D movie that placed the sitcom comedian in the role of a bee suing humanity. YouTubers decided to play around with the trailer and full movie, taking a forgettable CGI story into a hilarious work of art.

Pretty great, huh? Other meme-friendly videos were later chosen, and "All Star" was one of them -- partly thanks to the song's memorable status as a '90s hit, as well as its association with Shrek. If you're confused what these meme videos look like, then just see what we mean below:

Sometimes "All Star" gets mixed in with other popular YouTube memes, too. For instance, "We Are Number One," and Bee Movie itself.

Yeah, it definitely gets surreal. But "All Star's" certified meme status has partly contributed to the whole event, bringing the crowd to sing along and laugh as the performance was setup at the end.

Of course, meme music has a long history with competitive gaming, mostly thanks to Twitch streaming. Any and every esports DOTA 2 and League of Legends fan can recall when the "Sandstorm" meme first took off. After TheOddOne published a killer quadra-gank clip for League of Legends with Darude's "Sandstorm" playing in the background, Twitch users began jokingly labeling any and every background EDM song used during Twitch streams as "Darude - Sandstorm."

These days, it's still very common to see someone reply to "What song is this?" with "Darude - Sandstorm."

Of course, "Sandstorm" is another relic of the '90s, a popular reminder of what it was like growing up as MOBAs and online gaming emerged into their own. It's good to see the song take new life, the same way "All Star" has in recent years. We're totally down with the music nostalgia trend in competitive gaming, and we hope it grows over the years.

What are some of your favorite music memes? Share yours in the comments below.

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