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There are many things I need in my life, and a video game running on the awesome Unreal Engine 4 is one of them! This outstanding project comes from creator emudshit and has been in development for a fews years.

His YouTube channel is stacked with demo footage, designs and trailers, so you can even take a look back and follow the project from its roots to where it is today.

Check out some of the gameplay below:

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Woah! Either hire this guy to create this on a AAA scale or just give the man some licensing! This project truly looks amazing and really demonstrates the passion and vision of fan projects.

I bet you're saying, "I would trade my cat to play this game!" (If you're like me anyway). Well, I have some great news for you, after hitting 70k subscribers on YouTube the main creator himself released a second playable demo for all of us to squeal with delight over.

Links to the demo can be found in the description of the video below. The creator has kindly asked that anyone interested in the demo should be directed to his video, as that is the hub of his project and how can anybody say no to an artist working so hard? Someone give this guy a Senzu!

This updated demo for 'Dragon Ball Unreal' features:

  • Several of Goku’s forms (although only SSJ4 has combat moves),
  • Some new character customisation
  • Xbox controller support (more to be added later)
  • Spawn a punching bag to try moves (pretend its Frieza)

These new features are just some developments from the already awesome features of flying around stunning locations, firing realistic kamehameha's and shooting off exploding ki blasts. I insist that any fan of check out the project and show an aspiring creator some love!


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