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It has already made the internet rounds, but I just can't stop reading this crazy Twitter exchange.

When gamer @S1N3N jumped on Twitter to muse about which MMO he should play, he wasn't expecting an epic viral showdown from the two biggest MMORPGs on the market. But that's what he got.

Posted a few days ago, the banter has gone viral on Imgur thanks to user Kahiyao and has been nominated by commenters "the Twitter Battle of the Century." Check it out below.

At This Point, The Overwatch Team Stopped By —

— Before The Battle Continued

While This Is Where The Banter Ended, Fans Of Both Games Loved The Exchange

While many of us tend to get salty and defensive about the games we love, it's a joy to see that these two rival games having fun with some cheeky responses. There's nothing mean spirited here, just good and clean fun and mutual respect between the brands. Great work, World of Warcraft and teams!

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