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Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Birth By Sleep is an incredibly fun, far-too-short experience that gives us a glimpse of what Kingdom Hearts 3 might feel like whenever it finally comes out. However, while the story experience may be short, there's still a lot to do after you beat it.

Namely, objective hunting.

Objectives are exactly what they sound like, and each rewards you with a unique piece of gear that you can use to customize Aqua. See those flowing antennae and bright wings on her? Those are items I earned for Aqua's wardrobe and just a smattering of what the entire wardrobe has to offer. If you're looking to know what each objective is and what it rewards, you've come to the right place.

A Few Things To Note Before Objective Hunting

Via Tumblr
Via Tumblr

After you beat the game for the first time, you unlock a new-game-plus mode, which carries your objective progress and wardrobe unlocks to a new save. However, this does not carry your level over — and three objectives require a specific level to unlock.

My recommendation is that you save the leveling objectives for your second (or third) play-through. You'll have more objectives to hunt after the first time, and a few of them require being a high level to reasonably complete.

  • You have to have unlocked the objective to be able to complete it (i.e., ??? ones do not count even if you know what the objective will be).
  • Some objectives just plain don't unlock on your first play-through. To be honest, I wouldn't worry about most until after you've beaten the game once.
  • Several objectives must be done on a particular boss. Be sure to save before these if you want to earn the reward!

That last one is especially important. In particular, be on the lookout for Objectives 31, 36, 41, 47, 50, and 51. If you're all about completionism, these ones are tied to bosses that do not respawn after being defeated. If you miss it the first time, your options are either complete the game and once again transfer data to a new file, or to revert to an old save point. The latter is significantly easier and more controllable.

All The Objectives And Rewards In 'Birth By Sleep 0.2'

The second I saw this, I was excited and then quickly feared for my sanity.
The second I saw this, I was excited and then quickly feared for my sanity.

As I said, I recommend not stressing over most of these until your second playthrough. I also recommend that if you plan to go for the leveling objectives, you do so on a Critical playthrough — chances are you'll need to be a high level to beat the last boss anyway.

Note: A few rewards below only picture the silhouette. To be blunt, this is because they're some of the tougher ones to get and I'm still working on them. I'll be sure to update once I do have them complete, though!

  • Objective 1: Defeat 30 Shadows (Figaro)
  • Objective 2: Defeat 45 Flutterings (Coil - Pink)
  • Objective 3: Defeat 40 Flame Cores (Cyber Antennae)
  • Objective 4: Defeat 30 Neoshadows (Antennae)
  • Objective 5: Defeat 20 Water Cores (Mecha - Blue)
  • Objective 6: Defeat 20 Earth Cores (Classy - Yellow)
  • Objective 7: Raise Aqua to level 60 (Royal Pauldron)
  • Objective 8: Raise Aqua to level 70 (Astral Ornament)
  • Objective 9: ??? — likely requires you to hit 80 (sorry, I'm still grinding this one).
  • Objective 10: Defeat 5 Heatless using Counter Blast (Flawless Wings)
  • Objective 11: Use fire-based magic to defeat 30 Heartless (Cyber Blades)
  • Objective 12: Use ice-based magic to defeat 30 Heartless (Blades)
  • Objective 13: Use lightning-based magic to defeat 50 Heartless (Mystic Pauldron)
  • Objective 14: Use ice-based magic to create a rail, then ride the rail a long distance (Flawless Arm Guards)Check out our guide on this one!
  • Objective 15: Freeze at least 5 Heartless and shatter 5 of them (Grace - Purple)
  • Objective 16: Use magic of the opposite school against an elemental Heartless for extra damage (Voltaic Arm Plate)
  • Objective 17: Defeat 5 Heartless while in midair (Radiant Ornament)
  • Objective 18: Earn an Excellent rating 6 times in a row using Shotlock (Diamond - White) — We have the perfect strategy for easily completing this.
  • Objective 19: Use a Style Change to defeat 50 Heartless (Diamond - Green)
  • Objective 20: Activate Spellweaver's Finish command (Classy - Blue)
  • Objective 21: Equip and item in all wardrobe slots, then activate Spellweaver's Finish command (Ribbons)
  • Objective 22: Equip an item in a wardrobe slot (Mecha - Pink)
  • Objective 23: Hit 20 streetlamps (Grace - Blue)
  • Objective 24: Climb to the highest point in Castle Town (Wings) We have a guide on this and the meteor shower objective!
  • Objective 25: Watch for a meteor shower (Arm Guards) — A guide for this is included in Objective 24's guide page.
  • Objective 26: Defeat all the Heartless in the room (Mecha - Yellow)
  • Objective 27: Solve the mystery of the World Within and win the battle (Stitching)
  • Objective 28: Uncover the mystery of the World Within and obtain the special item (Arm Plate)
  • Objective 29: Find the brightest of jewels in the mines where the Seven Dwarfs work (Marie) — We can help you do this in less than 3 minutes!
  • Objective 30: Discover the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks (Lace - Crystal) — Not sure how to do this? We have a walk-through in objective 29's guide.
  • Objective 31: Perform a spin during the fight with the phantom Aqua (Royal Tiara) — this one is really hard to earn, but can be saved for the Zodiac mirror if you miss it during your first three Aqua encounters. To perform the spin, you need to activate Spellweaver form and subsequently use its Finish command.
  • Objective 32: Defeat 3 Darksides that stand in Aqua's way (Diamond - Blue)
  • Objective 33: Destroy 50 ivy branches. Some require magic to be destroyed (Coil - White)
  • Objective 34: Find flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (Minnie Ears - Blue Bow)
  • Objective 35: Link with King Mickey 5 times (Minnie Ears - Red Bow)
  • Objective 36: Defeat the Demon Tower with Spellweaver's Finish command (Cheshire Cat)
  • Objective 37: Open all of the treasure chests in Castle Town (Coil - Yellow)
  • Objective 38: Find lingering memories in Castle Town (Pulse Blades) — We have a guide to every area's lingering memory here!
  • Objective 39: Open all of the treasure chests in the World Within (Minnie Ears - White Bow)
  • Objective 40: Find lingering memories in the World Within (Warrior's Arm Plate) — Be sure to hit up the guide linked in objective 38 if you're having trouble with this!
  • Objective 41: Defeat the third phantom Aqua without taking damage (Lustrous Wings) — Plain and simple: this one sucks. Good luck.
  • Objective 42: Enter the mirror that appears in the middle of the 12 zodiac symbols and win all battles (Tiara) — Another one I recommend saving for a play-through in which you intend to level. It's really tough.
  • Objective 43: Find and restore the light of the 12 zodiac symbols (Pauldron) — You need to go back and visit the room to earn this.
  • Objective 44: Open all of the treasure chests in the Forest of Thorns (Classy - White)
  • Objective 45: Find lingering memories in the Forest of Thorns (Pulse Antennae) — Be sure to hit up the guide linked in objective 38 if you're having trouble with this!
  • Objective 46: Use Rail Slide to dodge the Darksides' attacks without taking any damage (Lustrous Arm Guards) — tricky part is the end, need to block midair
  • Objective 47: Defeat the Darkside supporting the dark orb without taking any damage (Lace - Floral) — Another one that's very difficult. Save before the Forest of Thorns are with all the Darksides and orange orbs (you'll know it when you see it).
  • Objective 48: Open all of the treasure chests in the Depths of Darkness (Grace - Pink)
  • Objective 49: Find lingering memories in the Depths of Darkness (Iron Ornament) — Be sure to hit up the guide linked in objective 38 if you're having trouble with this!
  • Objective 50: Link with King Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower (Polka Dots) — Needs to be done first time.
  • Objective 51: Defeat the Demon Tide on Critical Mode (Crisscross) — Basically, clear the game on the hardest difficulty.

There ya have it! Maybe you like to check all the boxes, maybe you're after a particular fashion. Whatever the case, I hope this list has been useful. And if you're stuck on a particular objective, just comment and let me know — I'm glad to help!

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