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Merry Switchmas! The Switch is officially out and everyone's chiming in to congratulate Nintendo on such a successful launch.

Normally when something launches, you'll see people in the industry offering their congratulations, usually companies who have a relation with the product. What makes this remarkable is that the celebratory accolades included Nintendo's two console competitors.

Microsoft and Sony got in on the launch day excitement, congratulating Nintendo on a job well done. Xbox posted a cute gif of unlocking a "Switch on!" achievement for Nintendo.

PlayStation posted a little love of their own.

Other devs and publishers joined in, creating a happy atmosphere of launch excitement on Twitter as consumers around the world started to receive their consoles.

Ubisoft's Just Dance released with the Switch today, and they have two more titles, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition and Steep, lined up at some point in the future.

Bethesda was equally as excited, posting a photo of the Switch next to a statue of Dovahkiin. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will release on the Switch later this fall.

Deep Silver offered their sincere congratulations, along with a cute "hugs and kisses" for Nintendo.

Tekken went the cheeky route, offering up Kazuya's help if needed.

It's nice to see companies joining in on the excitement and joy of a new launch and congratulating competitors. Competition is certainly healthy, but more often than not it falls into mud-slinging. Seeing everyone come together is a breath of (wild) fresh air. It humanizes faceless companies, reminding us that they, too, have fans there who are just as excited as us about a new launch.

But it wasn't only the gaming industry weighing in. Other companies with clever social media managers took advantage of the immense popularity, especially those in food.

Arbys is no stranger to clever campaigns or courting the gaming population. They've been on a streak of their own, with their creative twitter posts acquiring followers and favorites in droves.

It's actually not surprising to see their participation in celebrating Nintendo's new launch, they celebrated the Switch shortly after its announcement.

And they appropriately posted a follow-up for Zelda's launch.

Keeping with the Zelda celebratory theme, Dominos UK also got in on the hype, putting together a cleverly photoshopped image.

The Switch has been garnering favorable reviews at its launch, despite initial concerns about battery life and third-party support. Its main launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has been universally lauded and perhaps the best rated game of all time.

Although, one thing about the Switch that has unexpectedly risen to prominence has been the community's obsession with putting things in their mouths.

No gaming accessory is safe apparently, from adults or children.

The Switch seems to be an all-around success so far, bitter cartridges not included. Adorably, even Nintendo congratulated themselves.

How are you finding the Nintendo Switch?


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