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For those of you that don't know, Kingdom Hearts, the video game series that can simply (something not typically associated with the series) be summed up as a crossover between and . A few months ago we learned that way back in 2002 a TV series was being pitched based around the game, and those of us here at Now Loading decided to put everything we know about the project all in one place here.

And aren't we glad it did, Seth. Seth Kearsley is an animator and illustrator working on the Kingdom Hearts TV project, and his tweets are a window into this world.

Anyways, let's get started!

It Will Have An Anime Art Style

The drawings he is referring to are the storyboards that were leaked which started this frenzy among fans, and it looks fantastic.

Seth Kearsley, Deviant Art
Seth Kearsley, Deviant Art

Of course, while the drawings themselves may not be fantastic, it is just concept, and the full board is incredibly exciting. Check out the full board on Seth's deviant art!

It Could Be Done With Henry Gilroy, Producer of Star Wars Rebels

Those of us that watch know that the show has a very strong story, with fantastic season-long arcs, and most of that can be attributed to Producer and Head Writer Henry Gilroy. If Gilroy were to join Seth in this Kingdom Hearts project, we can only expect great things.

It Can (Hopefully) Be Compared To Avatar: The Last Airbender

Anyone that remembers Avatar (and not the god forsaken live action Last Airbender movie) only have fond memories. The series was absolutely fantastic, with unique and interesting characters that showed real growth throughout the series. If Kingdom Hearts can be comparable to Avatar, that can only be a good sign.

It Would (Most Likely) Have The Same Voice Actors

Pretty self explanatory, but keeping the same voice actors will be important to keeping the fans that have played the game their entire life (or at least for the 15 years its been out) involved in both the show and the game. Switching voice actors might turn some people away, so this is a good sign.

Will Come Out After Kingdom Hearts 3

Just as long as this doesn't take another 15 years too, then we'll be ok (wait, it already has taken 15 years for this show...)

Of course, because pretty much everything works slowly in Hollywood, we can't get our hopes too high.

But of course, we can always dream!

Do you really want to see Kingdom Hearts be made as a TV Series? Is there something about it you would change for TV? Let us know in the comments!


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