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Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's under-appreciated MOBA, is continuing to evolve in the shadow of League of Legends and Dota 2. Patch 2.0, one of the biggest updates for the free-to-play game yet, has hit, and as the name suggests it brings a ton of new features and reinventions to Heroes of the Storm.

The premise for Heroes of the Storm is simple; an accessible multiplayer online battle arena that allows players to pit their favorite Blizzard characters against villains or heroes from the company's various franchises. This means medieval characters from Diablo and Warcraft duking it out against sci-fi robots from Overwatch and Starcraft.

And especially more Overwatch seems to be coming to these days. Read on, as we touch on all there is to know about the MOBA's new, big patch 2.0.

More 'Overwatch' For MOBA Players In 'Heroes of the Storm'

Update 2.0 is primarily bringing more Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm, implementing the heroes Genji and D.Va and presenting a brand new map, Hanamura, that fans of Overwatch might recognize from the popular online shooter.

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It seems Blizzard is really trying to funnel a part of Overwatch's 25 million player base into the comparatively tiny Heroes of the Storm. Especially since special Nexus Challenge rewards are given to migrating Overwatch players during patch 2.0's four weeks of launch celebration.

But goodies for Overwatch-lovers is just the tip of the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 iceberg.

Welcome To A New Revamped Leveling System

The way you progress your player level and heroes in Heroes of the Storm has changed. The level 40 cap has been removed, thus making it possible to level up almost indefinitely. Your player level will now be the combined total of all your heroes' levels.

On top of that, the amount of experience required to level up has been normalized; it's now a static amount from level 12 and on. The earlier levels require a bit more experience to make them feel meaningful, but the overall requirement for higher levels has been reduced drastically.

  • Check out this guide for more information on how the progression and leveling systems work after patch 2.0.

Start Your Loot Box Addiction Today

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Yes, the loot boxes that we're all so addicted to after playing Overwatch and Starcraft 2 are coming to Heroes of the Storm. These will include anything from mounts, banners and sprays to announcers, skins and portraits.

Loot boxes are acquired by leveling up your player level and heroes. There are several types of loot boxes, with several types of rewards. The basic loot boxes are rewarded at each level, with the higher quality boxes being rewarded at more infrequent intervals.

There are also hero-specific loot boxes that are rewarded when you reach significant levels with a specific hero. These boxes are guaranteed to have at least one item for the hero that earned the box.

Gold Is Good But Shards And Gems Are Better

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Loot boxes can also be obtained through Heroes of the Storm's revamped in-game store, using the game's new currency Gems. With patch 2.0, Heroes of the Storm will have three types of currency.

  • Gold: Is now used to unlock new heroes and reroll the contents of lootboxes. That's it. Obtained by leveling up and generally playing the game.
  • Gems: These are replacing real money in the game, and you can kind of use them for anything. Gems are occasionally rewarded for level milestones, though you'll need to cough up real money if you want a significant amount.
  • Shards: The second new currency. Shards are rewarded from loot boxes or from disenchanting duplicates of items from loot boxes. The shards are used to craft cosmetic items.

Blizzard is giving players who login between April 25 and May 22 approximately 100 Gems to set them off to a good start in Heroes of the Storm 2.0. These gems can be used to purchase one of four 'Mega Hero Bundles', each one containing 20 heroes.

D.Va The Professional Starcraft Player

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Everyone's favorite esports professional, the Korean Starcraft master D.Va is also coming to Heroes of the Storm. D.Va's esports career ended when her country needed her godly reflexes to pilot a custom built mech, which she now uses to defend all things good in the world.

We don't have much information on D.Va's skills and abilities yet, but we do know she'll be of the Warrior class and use ranged attacks. We expect her abilities to be alongside those of her Overwatch version, perhaps allowing her to eject from, self-destruct and resummon her mech.

Genji The Cyborg Ninja

The second new hero in Heroes of the Storms patch 2.0 is Genji. Once the youngest carefree scion of the Shimada clan, Genji was cut down by his own brother for refusing to take part in their illegal ventures. Grafted into a cyborg body by Overwatch, Genji fights for what's right.

Being of the Assassin class, Genji balances high damage output with maneuverability. He's a squishy hero and isn't the easiest one to play either. With that said you'll be able to deal incredible amounts of damage utilizing his fearsome Dragonblade while swiftly dashing around throwing shurikens everywhere.

Battle In The Cherry-Blossoming And Interactive Hanamura

The last notable feature in Heroes of the Storm's patch 2.0 is a new, interactive map based Hanamura, an ancient Japanese village that is the former home of the Shimada Clan of ninjas to which Genji and Hanzo (another Overwatch hero) used to belong.

Check out the video for more details on how the map plays out in-game.

Are you excited about the new features presented in Heroes of the Storm 2.0?


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