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The Sims 4: City Living is all about culture: food culture, geek culture, romance culture. The game's festivals reflect that. Five major festivals happen sporadically around town; generally, two to three each in-game week. There are plenty of Sims to meet at each particular festival, with new activities to participate in and a whole bunch of souvenirs to collect. A notification will typically pop up when each festival is in town, but reminders will also be shown on each apartment building's bulletin board.

Each festival has a variety of food stalls—sometimes produce stands, too—and souvenir stands. City Living brings a lot of new food options to The Sims, influenced by the city's varying cultures.

Here's a rundown of what goes down at each San Myshuno festival.


GeekCon is a nerdy Sim's paradise. Video games, cosplay, science—it's all there! Inspired by real world conventions like San Diego Comic-Con and PAX, Sims can compete in video game tournaments, play in a spaceship, and participate in a group hack-a-thon. You can find GeekCon in the Fashion District of San Myshuno. It's a good place to build skills, too; Sims will find an improved skill gain while around other dorks and geeks.

Two competitions are available for Sims at GeekCon:

  • Video game tournament: A number of video games are playable at GeekCon. For Sims who are particularly good at video games, there are prizes to be won!
  • Hack-a-thon: Programming Sims will enjoy participating in The Sims 4: City Living's Hack-a-thon. As with the video game tournament, there are a few prizes awarded to winning Sims.

And of course, there's swag. Here's the rundown:

  • Event t-shirts
  • GeekCon-themed bubbles, candles, and fireworks
  • Emily snow globe

Romance Festival

Sims can find—and solidify—true love during the Romance Festival. Sims will find the festival set up in the Fashion District. Start by drinking some Sakura Tea, which loosens Sims up to the possibility of love. Sims who've tasted the tea glow pink.

There's one major draw at the festival, with a few other side activities alongside:

  • Romance Guru: The Romance Guru is the big draw to the Romance Festival, naturally. Sims that speak with him will receive love advice from the master; Sims' moods will change with regards to the Guru's prediction of their romantic futures.
  • Wedding arch: I mean, it's there... why not get married? Sims inspired by a heat of the moment marriage proposal can get hitched right on the spot.
  • Painting: Love—the ultimate muse. Inspired by someone or something at the festival? Sims can get to work on their artistic prowess right at the easels set up on site.

There's plenty of goodies to grab up, too:

  • Romance Festival t-shirt
  • Newcrest snow globe
  • Romance Festival-themed fireworks, candles, and bubbles

Humor and Hijinks Festival

The Sims 4 Humor and Hijinks Festival bids jokesters against pranksters for this silly, silly festival. This hilarious festival pops up in the Arts Quarter. Sims choose teams by drinking tea—the purple tea is for the pranksters and the pink tea is for the jokesters, both of which give Sims buffs.

At the end of the night, a winner is declared, depending on if there were more jokes or pranks. For the event there are a few new interactions for each team:

  • Pranksters: Imply Tea Sabotage, Sing the Prankster Theme Song, Imply Jokester Sabotage, Convince Tea is Poisonous
  • Jokesters: Be Sarcastic About VooDoo, Impossible Sausage Mime, Impersonate Pranksters, Poke Fun at Pranksters

And of course, there's festival exclusive swag to collect:

  • Humor and Hijinks Festival t-shirts
  • Madame Zoe's voodoo doll
  • City Skyscraper snow globe
  • Humor and Hijinks–themed fireworks, candles, and bubbles

Spice Festival

Sims can visit the Spice Festival when it pops up in the Spice Market district. All of the festivals have food stalls, but the Spice Festival has the most variety. And that's important, especially if Sims are on the hunt for new recipes. Tasting new food from the city's food carts unlock the new recipes in each Sim's personal kitchen. In addition to the food carts, there's also a tasting table set up with tons of different flavor options.

Like the other festivals, there's plenty for Sims to participate in:

  • Curry Challenge: A table setup in the Spice Market square houses the spicy challenge, where Sims will have to finish a bowl of super spicy curry. Each Sim has a spice tolerance level that'll impact whether or not they'll succeed in finishing the bowl. Eating spicy food regularly will increase a Sim's tolerance, increasing their chance at winning the challenge. By winning, Sims get a t-shirt, and get to brag.
  • Bubbler: A hookah bubbler hanging outside on the peripheral of the festival is a way for Sims to relax after getting all hyped up on spicy food.

The Spice Festival has the most exclusive items, too. Sims at the Spice Festival can purchase special ingredients that'll reduce the cost of cooking certain items in their own kitchen.

  • Freezer bunny snow globe
  • Spice Festival t-shirts
  • Spice Festival–themed fireworks, candles, and bubbles
  • Chili powder
  • Curry
  • Wasabi
  • Saffron

Flea Market

Unique furniture and decorations will often be on sale at the Spice Market's flea market festival. Sims are able to haggle and trade with other Sims during the event, with the option of setting up a table to sell their own stuff.

Improving a Sim's relationship with individual vendors will increase the chance of successful haggling and trading. Been collecting snow globes from various festivals? This is the perfect place to off 'em for better swag.

Sims can only trade collectibles, which include:

  • Snow globes
  • Crystals
  • Fossils
  • Metals
  • Trophies
  • Posters
  • Frogs

The Sims 4: City Living expansion pack is available on PC and Mac for $39.99. The Sims 4 standalone game is required to access the expansion.


Which festival are you most interested in experiencing?


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