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The Evil Within was an intense journey through the flashbacks and warped delusions of its antagonist Ruvik, a man whose tragic past led him to try and reshape reality so he could reunite with his deceased sister. Betrayal, revenge, and gruesome deaths were the order of the day as Ruvik led our protagonist Detective Sebastian Castellanos through nightmarish dimensions, each more convoluted than the last.

The Evil Within 2 will take place three years after the events of the first game, but you don't need to have played the first one to enjoy the ghoulish threats lurking in the sequel. Using a dash of Resident Evil 4 terror and a sprinkling of The Last Of Us gameplay, The Evil Within 2 is going to tantalize you with its horrifying new villains and intense action.

Here are a couple of things you should know about The Evil Within 2, due out Friday, October 13.

[Disclaimer: I used the same developer demo for each portion, but the videos start in different spots to help explain my points.]

There's A New Weapon Crafting System

A recent developer game demo, courtesy of channel MKIceAndFire, introduces a new weapon crafting system that allows you to make your own weapons when resources are scarce. The option to makeshift your own guns might take a little longer as you gather your resources, but may come in handy when you least expect it. The Evil Within 2 is meant to be as suspenseful as the first game, if not more so, and I'm sure there'll be moments when ammo will run out and you'll be glad that you can make your own if the moment calls for it — so scavenge carefully.

More Upgrade Options That Cost A Pretty Pound Of Green Gel

The familiar figure of Nurse Tatiana and the magic mirrors that pop up in the demo show us that transport back to the realm of the mental hospital, considered a safe house and the place where upgrades can be made to Sebastian's abilities, is possible. As is mentioned in the video above, there are several upgrades that can be bought with green gel that enhance Sebastian's skills in the game, but cost more than an arm and a leg. You can buy an ability that helps you kick enemies while they're down, saving you some ammo in the process. With an upgrade called Synaptic Focus, you can improve Sebastian's aim and make it easier to shoot down enemies as they rush towards you. With so many options and limited amounts of green gel, choose wisely when you improve Sebastian's abilities.

The Communicator Device Allows For Further Exploration Of Open Areas

Something that's been introduced in The Evil Within 2 that was absent in the first game is the use of a communicator device. With the use of this device, The Evil Within 2 encourages players to explore the open areas of the crumbling world that lives within the mind of Sebastian's daughter Lily that Mobius calls Union. The device captures sounds of nearby enemies, possible side missions, updates objectives, and allows for resources to be located as Sebastian navigates the STEM world. Sebastian is forced to solve the mystery behind his daughter's disappearance, while at the same time saving her from the clutches of the all-powerful collective that is Mobius.

Resident Evil 4 And The Last Of Us Combined? Why Not?

One of the first things you'll notice is that the gameplay is very similar to the sneak and stealth nature of The Last Of Us. The zombie-like creatures we meet are ripping people apart and piling them up as Sebastian makes his way through Union. Not even heavily armed soldiers, who are technicians in real life, dispatched by Mobius can do much to find the Core and bring back stability to this place. One bullet does little to stop these zombie creatures. Instead of killing them, a single bullet sparks a growth that bursts out of their face à la Resident Evil 4. Shinji Mikami is the producer after all and the director of the first The Evil Within, so similarities are to be expected.

Multiple Heads And A Saw For An Arm? Just My Kind Of Girl

The Guardian, a tall monster with multiple heads, a saw for an arm, and another arm that dangles limp, is without a doubt one of the most menacing threats Sebastian will be up against in this survival horror game. The demo's second chapter introduces us to a Sebastian on a swift pursuit of knowledge about his daughter's whereabouts. He unites with his former partner Juli Kidman who sends him back into the STEM world he barely survived the last time. Behind the scenes, there are hints that someone is watching him, leaving crumbs for him to follow. The Guardian is just the cherry on top of this shitty sundae.

Stefano Valentini Will Snap The Life Out Of You

With a twisted obsession of all things macabre, Stefano Valentini will be one of the many monsters that Sebastian has to fight with in order to save his daughter. A mad man with a penchant for realistic photography that revolves around the death of his subjects, Valentini wants to snap the perfect shot that will grant him power. He plans to use Sebastian's daughter as his brush to create art with the blood of those who die in the STEM world, which he considers his canvas. With the words, "Art is in the eye of the beholder," he subverts the meaning of the phrase. In his eyes, he is the painter poised and ready to create his masterpiece. Though this artistic project may end up claiming the lives of Sebastian and his daughter Lily.

And Now The Waiting Begins

With only a little over a month left until the game is released, let's hope this second turn as Sebastian Castellanos will satisfy those who love Shinji Mikami's horrifying world.

Ready for more otherworldly missions in The Evil Within 2? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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