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There has been much debate recently regarding the relevance of the PlayStation 4 Pro on 1080p televisions. Digital Foundry has answered this question for us by completing a 'stress test' to compare the Pro’s merits against the PlayStation 4 (PS4) on Battlefield 1 multiplayer.

The Difference Between The Two Consoles is Clear

As you can see, the Pro easily distinguishes itself as the superior console on Battlefield 1 for 1080p TV owners. This is great to see, and hopefully soon there will be more and more games that are updated to take advantage of the Pro's capabilities.

Obviously, a 4K display is going to knock 1080p out of the park, however, most people don't own a 4K TV yet. Until everyone gets on-board the 4K train, this analysis is an easy win for the Pro camp.

Like most things, the only real way to make any real sense out of all this is to apply the results of this 'stress test' into the universe of Kevin Bacon, and the narrative of 1984's Footloose – here we go…

PlayStation 4 Pro Stress Test Explained By Footloose

The Pro in this story is definitely Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon), with the PS4 being his uncoordinated friend Willard Hewitt (Chris Penn).

Before Ren turned up, Willard was happy racing tractors and running at a variable frame rate of between 30 to 50 frames per second (FPS).

Out of nowhere, Ren walks into town displaying a level of moves he thought not possible. His prowess on Battlefield looks so much sharper with crisp and substantially quicker response times. How is this possible?

How Can Willard Improve - HDR?

Immediately Willard pleads with Ren, "Teach me!" And Ren takes it upon himself to assist Willard by starting him on a crash course of the basics in an attempt to at least learn the rhythm that makes all of his skill possible.

At first, Willard could not even click his fingers, but Ren persisted that with system software update, he too could be displayed in a High Dynamic Range (HDR).

While Willard attempted to increase his proficiency, Ren continued to plead his case with Reverend Shaw Moore that it was time for the town to run Battlefield 1 at a more consistent 60 FPS.

Reverend Shaw Moore: "I'm afraid I would have a lot of difficulty endorsing an enterprise which is as fraught with genuine peril as I believe this one to be."

The Forbidden Dance Can Be 60 FPS

Ren decided he would not give up on his dream, and presented his case at a town meeting with a fervency and zeal that the the Reverend could no longer ignore.

The fluid and smooth frame rate along with the improved image quality that could now be possible with the forbidden multiplayer mode was undeniable, and the town lifted with him to see it realized. The supercharged gameplay improvements in first person shooters was now what the town longed for, and Ren was going to show them how it could be possible.

The rest it could be said his history, the Reverend relented in his steadfast views and Ren prepared for his most grand endeavor with Battlefield 1.

Let's See What You Can Do

Ren: Hey Hey! What's this I see? I thought this was a party. LET'S DANCE!

For Willard, the scene was finally set. He had clicked his fingers and tapped his feet for hours in preparation. Now it was time to show everyone how much he had improved. Yeah, everyone knew he was never going to match Ren's funky chicken on the dance floor, but with HDR he was able show he still had some moves, and it showed.

Despite Willard’s improvements, when seeing both Ren and Willard on the dance floor the contrast in performance is evident. Ren had persevered with his belief that he could perform better on 1080p, and it was clear for all to see - no one could match his moves.

Afterwards, on the way home in the truck, Willard was silently reminiscing about the night, and how he now felt more confident that he had some skill on the dance floor. As if sensing his friends overconfidence, Ren turned to Willard and asked: “Want to see me dance in 4k?” There was no answer....

I am No Kevin Bacon

With the commanding dexterity of Ren's footloose abilities on display, the town moved towards a new experience never before seen on 1080p. Overtime however, even Ren new his limits and eventually moved away to reach new heights with 4k.

Hopefully that's where we're all headed one day.

Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes

Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees

Jack, get back, come on before we crack

Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose (footloose)

Yes, it's obviously clear by now, "Footloose" is my go to song on the dance floor at work Christmas parties and the PS4 Pro is my go to console for everything else.

Back to business, what improvements have you noticed on the PlayStation Pro?

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