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If there's one game already packed full of hundred of hours of content, it's Bethesda’s Fallout 4, so you can imagine that after the release of three add-ons and two DLCs, you may very well be able to spend your whole life exploring the landscapes of post-apocalyptic Boston together with your trusty Pip-Boy strapped to your wrist. Bethesda's newest (and final) DLC allows players to explore what could be the zaniest—and perhaps most dangerous—location to date—Nuka-World, the first amusement park you'd never wanna take your kids to.

Rich Chocolate Ovaltine—now in THREE radioactive flavors!
Rich Chocolate Ovaltine—now in THREE radioactive flavors!

Just like any family-friendly amusement park, Nuka-World is divided into a variety of magical, themed worlds that'll whisk you away to worlds of fantasy while eating away at your innards. Make your way through Nuka-Town, USA for a nostalgia-filled trip down the dilapidated streets of old. Soar through Galactic Zone for an out-of-this-world journey that will leave you breathless (literally). Feel like a kid again in Kiddie Kingdom, the fantastical land where dreams go to die...

With such a great, big new world to explore, you can bet there'll be a bevy of quests to complete, and following with the style of Fallout 4, you can expect some of them to be pretty zany! Which is why we're going to take you through the seven kookiest quests you've just gotta give a go on your magical, musical, macabre stroll through Fallout's post-apocalyptic answer to Disneyland.

The 7 Zaniest Quests in Fallout 4's Nuka-World DLC

1. Oswald the Outrageous

Quest name: A Magical Kingdom

Quest location: Kiddie Kingdom

Who couldn't love Oswald? The jolly old magic-wielding, glowing green face... guy... . You're first introduced to Oswald via a voice over the loudspeaker as you enter the park, but you don't realize just how out there he is until you spy him talking to feral ghouls and popping up all over the place in puffs of smoke. You'll follow him all over Kiddie Kingdom during the quest "A Magical Kingdom," including a crazy trip through the Fun House and its House of Mirrors, and a short stay in King Cola's Castle (unfortunately, the only magic show you'll get to see in the theater is Oswald "magically" appearing with a sword and trying to kill you).

Oswald in his younger days.
Oswald in his younger days.

Depending on how you steer your final confrontation with the green-eyed host of horrors, he'll either leave peacefully or force you to, well, use force, but no matter your methods, you'll end up securing Kiddie Kingdom (now ripe for assigning to a gang!).

You'll be given the quest automatically upon hearing the message from the Park Announcement system, but to continue the quest, you'll have to find the entrance to the employees' tunnels, which is located to the east of the Ferris wheel.



2. Get Your "Head" in the Game

This guy took the phrase "don't lose your head" a little too literally.
This guy took the phrase "don't lose your head" a little too literally.

Quest name: Cappy in a Haystack

Quest location: Attractions at Nuka-World

We've all run into those fans... the ones that take things a little too far. That get a little too obsessed. Well, now you get to meet another one in the quest "Cappy in a Haystack"—Sierra, Nuka-Cola's number one fan. You meet Sierra on her quest to find all the hidden Cappys (an anthropomorphic cola cap and the mysteriously Mickey Mouse-sounding mascot of Nuka-Cola) throughout the park in order to unlock the office of the cola's creator, John-Caleb Bradberton.

Once you make your way inside, you get to meet the man himself! Or at least, what's left of him. The unfortunate inventor has been reduced to nothing more than a cryogenically frozen head attached to a mass of "life-extending" machinery. Do you put the man out of his misery? Or do you succumb to the pleadings of a crazed fan and force the man, er, head to continue his body-less existence in isolation? Your choice will affect the reward you receive.

Funnily enough, this quest may be a reference to the myth that Walt Disney was also cryogenically frozen after his death. Given the similarity of Cappy's voice to the anthropomorphic mouse, I wouldn't be surprised if the reference was intentional. To begin the quest, talk to Sierra Petrovita between the Parlor Dinner Theater and Fizztop Grille.


Nuka-nuke launcher or Nuka-World jumpsuit

3. The Rootin' Tootin'-est Cowboy in the Wild, Wild West

There's a snake in my boot!
There's a snake in my boot!

Quest name: High Noon at the Gulch

Quest location: Dry Rock Gulch

There's nothing quite like hearing a torturously slow robot voice prattle on with phrases like "yeehaw! get along little doggies" and "you ready for a "rootin tootin' good time?," which is exactly what you'll get to experience first hand in the quest "High Noon at the Gulch" upon entering Nuka-World's Dry Rock Gulch area. Don your cowboy outfit and shoot yourself some rascally varmints as you assist Sheriff Eagle in restoring peace to this western-styled town overrun with bloodworms.

To get inside Mad Mulligan's Mine and cull the bloodworm infestation, you'll need to get a key, but the key is locked up in a safe, and the only way in is via a combination held by three of the wild west's most colorful characters—The Giddyup Kid, One-Eyed Ike, and Doc Phosphate. Prepare yourself for old-fashioned duels, scavenger hunts, and saloon patrons long past their prime in this zany quest in the old west. Take care of the bloodworm queen in the depths of the mine to secure the area, which will allow you to assign a gang to the region.


Western revolver (One-Eyed Ike)

4. Two Worlds, One Family

Quest name: Safari Adventure

Quest location: Locations at Safari Adventure

As if there weren't enough whacked-out things already going on within Nuka-World, if you try and enter the Safari Adventure region, you'll begin the "Safari Adventure" quest, complete with its own real-life Tarzan! Yep, that's right—your new third-person-talking, loin-cloth-wearing friend Cito was raised by the gorillas in the Primate House after his family died when he was only a kid. And you thought your life was bad!

It seems the Safari Adventure is being overrun by ferocious gatorclaws, bipedal lizard-like creatures created by a Dr. McDermot using a combination of alligator and Jackson's chameleon genetic material. The quest itself will have you traversing the region in search of a mysterious cloning facility (the source of the gatorclaws) and taking out every last gatorclaw skulking about the park. If you succeed in the task, you'll then have to decide whether to leave Cito and his family alive or put an end to this inter-species family... permanently. No matter which you choose, though, you'll be able to claim the area for yourself and assign it to one of your gangs.


Cito's Shiny Slugger

5. Have you ever given any thought to the kingdom of Heaven?

Quest name: Trip to the Stars

Quest locations: Hubologist's camp, Vault-Tec Among the Stars, Nuka-World junkyard

Who said there wouldn't still be cults around in 2287? The Hubologists will give you one more reason never to answer your door for strangers in hoods. In the quest, "Trip to the Stars," you'll meet this eccentric group of hopefuls who worship a writer by the name of Dick Hubbell. Apparently, this man invented a process for expanding the human mind and ridding the body of neurodynes (a process that takes place via strange procedures referred to as "alignments").

Now led by a direct descent of Hubbell—an anomalous woman named Dara—they need your help in commandeering spacesuits and taking control of the spaceship in the Junkyard so they can fly into space. Doing so will reward you with Hub's Alien Blaster and 100 Alien blaster rounds, but if you're feeling particularly evil, you can insert only 3 of the 4 required fusion cores to witness the entire cult explode during the spaceship ride. How's that for "expanding" their minds?

To begin the quest, simply speak with Cleansed in the Hubologist's camp. He'll lead you to Dara.


Hubologist outfit & Hub's Alien Blaster

6. Disobey Your Thirst

Quest name: A World of Refreshment

Quest location: The World of Refreshment

We've always known pop isn't the healthiest choice when it comes to quenching our thirst, but nothing could be as bad as this blue, glowing cola variety. Take a step inside the World of Refreshment to begin the aptly named "A World of Refreshment" quest, a Disneyland-esque animatronic walkthrough of the creation of the official drink of Nuka-World—Nuka-Cola!

According to the tour guide, it provides energy, focus, and 120% of the recommended daily value of sugar. As you blast your way through the decrepit ride/factory, you'll learn all about the origins of this health-deteriorating carbonated beverage, be creeped out by lifeless mannequins, and wonder to yourself why you ever chose to drank pop in the first place as you're heralded with the benefits of a new Nuka-Cola variety—twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates! Yum yum.

All you have to do to start the quest is enter the World of Refreshment.



7. Bumper Cars Gone Wrong

Nothing like beating a man senseless with a spiked baseball bat.
Nothing like beating a man senseless with a spiked baseball bat.

Quest name: Amoral Combat

Quest location: Nuka-Town USA, Cola-cars bumper car ride

Once you're the big boss, you can't let anyone else come close to stealing your title, which means wiping out anyone else who makes it through the Gauntlet—a maze of torture in the Nuka-World access tunnels. No more nice guy! You'll get informed any time a new challenger makes it through the tunnels, whereupon you can either have Fritsch make sure he "never leaves the tunnels," or face off against him in the Cola-Cars Arena. Never before has there been a more appropriate spot for a fight to the death.

The quest "Amoral Combat" is repeatable, and the challengers will increase in difficulty every time. It'll become available upon visiting Nuka-Town after completing The Grand Tour (one of your gang members will tell you to go see Fritsch). For maximum effectiveness, make sure you eat their corpse once you've beaten your opponent silly.


Aeternus (Rogue knight)

Did you let Cito and his "family" live? Did you indulge in your own guilty pleasures and kill off the Hubologists? What other quests did you enjoy in the fantastical land of Nuka-World?


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