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Fallout 4's Power Fist is an awesome melee weapon adapted from demolition hardware, much beloved by players who opt to duke it out up close and personal.

As much as we love the Power Fist, we could only dream of possessing the kind of punching power that we played with in Fallout 4. But creative Youtuber Jairus of All punched his way straight into our hearts by proving that atomic dreams can in fact become reality. Using a homemade, fully functional and portable power fist, Jarius crushes fruit and veg, cans, bricks, dummies, tree trunks and more in his quest to explore the limits of his fist of fun.

Check out the video below!

And if that first wasn't glorious enough, he also breaks out the fireball-spewing super sledge as a follow up. Jairus hasn't just got technical know-how, he shows off some comedy chops and Fallout lore savviness by producing an in-universe commercial for the weapon. We love Fallout fan films, and Jarius nails the comic retro atomic age tone used in the games. can't buy it?

Sorry to disappoint you, vault-dweller, but that's just a joke up there. However, you might be able to craft one...

That's right, Jairus is benevolent enough to give tips on how to build one yourself, guiding you through the process. The two videos make up around 40 minutes of detailed tutorial so you wannabe wasteland scavengers can earn your piston punches the hard way, if you're so inclined. Quite frankly, I've love to be able to pay for one with my accumulated bottle caps, but sadly Jairus has gone on record as saying he has enough caps for life.

As a fan of high tech melee weapons, I can't help but get thinking about more extreme projects I'd like to see videos of. Assaultron blade? Mr. Handy blade? Shishkebab? Definitely shishkebab.


Which would you rather have? Power Fist or Super Sledge?

Source: Jairus on Youtube


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