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Widowmaker may have just opened Chateau Guillard's doors to the canaille, but the minds of the passionate community have already been grinding away, suggesting another scenic destination to do battle (in a supportive, friendly manner, of course). 'Favela', inspired by Overwatch's soft yet bright visuals and set in Rio de Janeiro, is the masterful work of 3D artist Joshua Llorente. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous map below:

It Fits Neatly Into Overwatch Lore...

Estadio das Ras for showed players the glitz and the sportastic glamour of the soccer game in future-Brazil, but keen fans will know that the eponymous support character was initially a freedom fighter for his country's marginalized. Vishkar Corporation descended upon the urban sprawls of Brazil, muscling in on large tracts of land and overlooking the heart of the favelas. After much unwanted upheaval and restrictions, Lúcio drew the line, stealing the sonic tech from Vishkar and leading a successful revolution against the maligned corporation's controls on their neighborhoods.

Soaring into the skyline are hard-light towers, and an imposing wall dividing these from the colorful, homely buildings populating the map. Seems very Vishkar to me. Another lovely touch is the floating mopeds propped up and scattered about the scene, firmly placing it in Overwatch's alternate timeline where every car must fly.

Favela [Credit: Joshua Llorente]
Favela [Credit: Joshua Llorente]

... And It Looks Like Great Fun To Play

As for its practical applications, the map offers oodles of verticality, perfect for savvy snipers. Soldier: 76 would be able to fit in sneaky rocket jumps between the levels, and Lúcio would have plenty of opportunities to skate high up, out of reach of the less acrobatic Roadhog. The interiors and half-walls are great getaways for Tracer and Sombra mains, and I dread to think of the potential Symmetra would have with all the alleyways and sharp corners.

In its totality, it errs on the smaller side relative to the official locales released by Blizzard. Nevertheless, it's an undeniably fantastic effort by the self-taught Llorente. Deathmatch would be an excellent fit for this map, as well as KOTH with the central football pitch as the point, or, if extended, a Capture the Flag mode would create utter chaos all over Favela.

Favela [Credit: Joshua Llorente]
Favela [Credit: Joshua Llorente]

Praise poured in for the concept, and the video is approaching nearly 100,000 views on YouTube. Could this be Llorente's toe in the door for a career at Blizzard? This talented fan is definitely going places.

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