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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Nintendo has always had a tricky time with peripherals for their consoles, as have any other manufacture of gimmicky nubs of plastic aimed at gamers. We've had the excellent additions, like R.O.B and the SNES' Super Scope, and utter clustercusses like the NES Speedboard or the WIi's bold and misguided bowling ball peripheral.

You bastards.
You bastards.

But what kind of magic will Nintendo and the other makers of official peripherals be conjuring up in their super-shiny labs right now? With a console as majestic, malleable and idea-churning as the Switch, you'd expect some pretty neat, game-specific Joy-Cons and the like to pop up in the time leading up to Switch's official launch!

Take artist Ryan Salamanda, who has recently dropped his very own take on Nintendo Switch peripherals that could become seminal additions to a growing arsenal of gadgets:

Dem periphs tho...
Dem periphs tho...

Salamanda has included some incredible Joy-Con designs based on the GameCube controller (for Smash Bros.), the grippy end of a pistol for you Resident Evil heads, one zoom wheel for Pokemon Snap and some designs for a more standard handheld gaming experience, that isn't too dissimilar to the 3DS' Circle Pad Pro, amongst other ideas. And you know what? They work! And they would make for a genius way of interacting with your favorite titles in a different fashion.

What about color schemes? With the Switch being a Nintendo console you can imagine the hybrid will eventually come in a whole assortment of bright and beautiful hues and homages to vintage consoles. Take these obligatory NES-styled Switch skins by TheGrumpyCat and weep over their improbable nature:


Honestly though how amazing...?
Honestly though how amazing...?

Japan's NES

Dat color scheme tho
Dat color scheme tho

And how about an all new way of interacting with your favorite Nintendo heroes?

I can't see Nintendo green-lighting this particular peripheral, but I'm sure it won't stop the likes of VirtuaDolls sliding their way into its throbbing peripheral market...

Yoshi's Swingers Island here we come!
Yoshi's Swingers Island here we come!

And, for the more discerning gamer, here are some Grip controllers that have been doused in sweet, sweet nostalgia courtesy of DevSF4:


Virtual Boy




Wii U

I'm falling more in love with the Switch every minute. It's like I've woken up in 1996 all over again! Here's hoping the final product lives up to the sheer hype and its mind-boggling potential.

What do you think?

What kind of peripheral would you like to Switch up your playstyle?


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