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Stanley Kubrick once said that he derived a sense of strength and belief in his directing abilities from watching other films and saying to himself, "I could do better than that!" Of course, he actually could. That level of self belief is clearly evident in the gaming community when it comes to making fan films that pay homage to video game legends, as exemplified by these fine pieces below.

Video game movies are often (see: always) terrible. They tend to miss out on what exactly makes the games work in the first place. Perhaps video games lend themselves to short pieces like these, which work far better than most feature length efforts, or maybe the gamers themselves will always be more connected to the source material. What do you think?

These Fan Films Prove That The Community Should Be Making Live Action Video Game Movies

Half-Life And Portal Come Together

In a world that'll probably never see another Half-Life or Portal game from Valve, we'll take anything that references the two. But this famous YouTube channel, which pits franchises and their characters against one another, did a great job of bringing these two worlds—and their beloved weapons—into our own.

Left 4 Dead Film Is A Harrowing Watch

Put together with some rather remarkable production values, this Left 4 Dead homage is an impressive feat that must have taken some seriously dedicated gamers/filmmakers a lot of time. Was it worth it? You know it was!

A Portal To Great Filmmaking

I love the slow build on this film. Anchored by a great performance, impressive visual effects and boasting a great twist, this is one compelling little short. If you've ever wanted to have the portal gun in your own life, this film isn't going to help those feelings subside. Come on science, get working on it!

Brutal Lara Croft

This is a grizzly short. Packed full of harrowing fight scenes and murders, this fan film depicts Lara Croft's growth into the tomb raider we all know her to be. That transition was hard to watch in Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider, but this seems to be operating on another level entirely. Be prepared.

Bide Your Time Till Red Dead Redemption 2

Now that Rockstar have officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2, we're all in need of a cowboy fix. With games like Red Dead Revolver hitting the PS4 and the superb Westworld taking over our TVs, it seems we'll be able to tide ourselves over. But just in case you need some extra John Marston, this short has got you so well covered.

Another Adventure For Nathan Drake

What I love about this film more than anything is that it's not english. Getting to see what Nathan Drake and his companions would be like if they all spoke Danish is just too good. It's also extremely close to the cinematics featured in the first game. So much attention to detail! Bravo.

One Island I Won't Be Visiting

Making the most of the world's zombie craze and obsession with the fantastic Dead Island trailer, this short film brilliantly throws all of The Walking Dead into one 8 minute segment. It's a surprisingly tense affair and has some really clever camera work peppered throughout it. Enjoy the madness.

Run Space Dude, Run!

With Halloween fast approaching and everyone desperately seeking the greatest costume of them all, I think this dude has it won. If I could walk around in Isaac Clarke's outfit, my level of contentedness would be unmatched. The set is extraordinarily well constructed, too. You're gonna be impressed.

Prepare To Be BioShocked

Giving us an insight into life in Rapture with a touching story between two brothers, The Brothers Rapture is an impressive undertaking with great references to the source material. You'll be moved and compelled to play the games again! Get ready for its wealth of twists.

You Ain't Heard The Last of Them

Bringing Joel and Ellie together once again, this short film gives us a look at another adventure for the famous duo. With great music, cinematography and special effects, this film perfectly recreates the world of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. Do we really need a feature length film after this? Or just another game?

Got any other fan films you enjoy? Tell us below!


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