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"Boom boom, motherfuckers." Ubisoft's presentation has officially landed, and Far Cry 5 is nailing the much-loved, freewheeling stupid fun the Far Cry franchise is so known for. The trailer shows us a menagerie of ways to bludgeon, explode, and otherwise kill the militant cultists taking over Far Cry 5's Hope County. You can shoot them with a revolver, snipe them from afar, sic a dog on them, or use your buddy's airplane to drop an enormous bomb on every single cult follower.

You can impale your enemies with a crop duster, blow them away with a biplane, or bring in your friends to run them over in a semi. I'm already in love.

The official gameplay video, which clocks in around three minutes, shows Far Cry 5 in all its violent, wheels-off glory. Take a peek if you haven't already.

Pretty amazing. We've got hit-taking vehicles, a wide array of weapons, co-op multiplayer, and a whole range of support roles to recruit for help via land, air, and long distances. Oh, and there's plenty of raids to plan. Far Cry 5 is looking like a killer entry into the series, and we can't wait to see what it has in store later next year.

Building On The Backs Of Giants

Raiding the enemy in 'Far Cry 5.' [Source: Ubisoft]
Raiding the enemy in 'Far Cry 5.' [Source: Ubisoft]

Talk to any Ubisoft fan, and they'll tell you that the studio knows how to make a good sequel. Whether it's Assassin's Creed Origins or Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft traditionally builds off their previous releases to improve their franchises' core gameplay, while holding onto the core elements that make their titles so memorable.

That approach works pretty well, and it's one of the reasons why fans are so excited for South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Beyond Good & Evil 2. And Ubisoft is taking that same approach in Far Cry 5, too.

The previous Far Cry games dropped the player into strange, distant, barely-fictional lands: an island in the Pacific, a war-torn African country, and a Himalayan country ruled by an abusive king, to name a few. That formula worked, because these regions felt mysterious and exotic. Far Cry 4 really made the player feel like they had been transported into a nation ravaged by war. And Far Cry 3 turned player into a helpless American faced against a ruthless pirate leader. But, of course, it's Far Cry. You're always prone to becoming a wild rebel, blowing up pirates, and slamming vehicles off the road to get back home.

One of many buddies in 'Far Cry 5.' [Source: Ubisoft]
One of many buddies in 'Far Cry 5.' [Source: Ubisoft]

Far Cry is always wild and crazy fun. But Ubisoft knew they had to change up Far Cry's formula by bringing the series somewhere else. For American gamers, the setting hits home. It feels like the player is literally taking back their hometown, shooting manic cult leaders while saving innocent civilians.

Despite the controversial setting, everything fans know and love about Far Cry is still here: the disturbing enemies, the land under siege, the innocent populace that needs saving. Far Cry 5 pushes the series into a new setting while maintaining the core that makes the game so appealing: the mayhem inside a strange land. And as the gameplay trailer shows, it works well.

Whether it's the generous helping of vehicles, the wide range of weapons, or the sheer number of ways you can murder all your enemies, Ubisoft is nailing Far Cry 5's crazy fun. If you like sneaking up on enemies and killing them from the shadows, or going in guns blazing with your buddies, you can do both in Far Cry 5. Or you can do neither. Or a mixture of the two together.

Far Cry 5 may take players to a weirdly familiar world, but it's still holding onto its core roots - and executing them pretty well. As 2018 draws closer, check back for more info about the game's upcoming features and details. We're sure to find out more features that will make Far Cry 5 stand out from the first four games.

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