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There's joy in discovery in the Pokémon franchise: Never quite knowing what's around the next corner or what you might find in the nearest tall grass. Eventually, though, you just want to finish your Pokédex and a small hint goes a long way. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, almost every Pokémon — and their shinies — have an associated QR code which marks them as Seen in their Pokédex entry once scanned through the game's built-in QR Scanner. Once a Pokémon has been seen, the game will tell you where you can find them assuming they can be found in the game (or your version of the game) at all.

For those of you eager to use this shortcut, a gallery of 467 QR codes has been uploaded to imgur.

To use Sun and Moon's QR Scanner, follow these steps:

  • Push X to open the menu
  • Scroll one page to the right
  • Select QR Scanner
  • Point and shoot!

Only 10 QR codes can be scanned per day, and after scanning your 10th of the day, you earn a bonus: The game will spawn a rare Pokémon not typically found in the wild somewhere on the map. Make sure you're prepared, though: If the Pokémon gets away from you, you don't get another chance to catch it.

While the specific QR codes in the gallery above are known to work, you can actually scan any QR code you have handy, even if it's completely unrelated to Pokémon. The grocery store handing out coupons for diapers? Scan that QR code! Those diapers might, in fact, be a shiny Rattata. Yeah, yeah, a Rattata... but it's shiny.

Will you be making use of this feature? My gut says this makes discovering uncaught Pokémon far too easy, but how many of us can say we ever completed our Pokédex in prior generations without looking up how to find our final missing few? This feature just cuts out the middleman search engine.

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