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*This article was updated on 04/10/2016, and will continue to be amended as stats change and more players are found!*

So you've already feasted your eyes on the 30 best wonderkids FIFA 17 has to offer and your club now has untapped potential the likes the world has never seen. Now... how to go about adding the proverbial cherry to the top of that cake of trophies?

The Best Strikers In FIFA 17

No great team would be truly great without an all-star striker. Am I right, Arsenal F.C.? They can make the difference between a bore draw or winning that much coveted trophy on the stroke of full time with a curling strike that would surely make grown men weep oceans.

So using my eyes, my brain and the internet, I have collated a list of the most astounding forwards in the game. And it pretty much consists of who you'd expect, soccer fan:

10 - Paulo Dybala

22 | Argentina | Juventus F.C.

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

Easily one of the best young forwards in the game today, and a personal favorite of mine (in Football Manager especially), Dybala excels if you were to decide to play him just behind your number 9. With 88 pace, 86 shooting and a monumental 90 dribbling, you'd be silly to miss out on a player of his quality.

And he can only get better...

  • Outrageously skillful player
  • Fast and great in the shot
  • If PHY rating was higher, he'd be the perfect forward

9 - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

27 | Gabon | Borussia Dortmund

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

96 pace is the name of the game for Dortmund's most deadliest of assassins. The man is so fast that it doesn't really even matter that is dribbling ability is rated at a mere 80. Get the ball to him, run and score a plethora of goals with his respectable 84 in shooting.

  • Scarily fast
  • Off the ball movement is top notch due to speed and positional awareness
  • Can be utterly devastating in the right hands

8 - Karim Benzema

28 | France | Real Madrid CF

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

Don't let this star striker's much publicized fall from grace fool you, he is still a complete tour-de-force up front for any club. And with his ratings of 84 shooting, 82 dribbling and 74 physicality, he can be guaranteed to bang in a few belters and terrorize your opponent's back four.

  • A sublime footballer
  • Low DEF means you may need to deploy a CDM to make up for Benzema's defensive shortcomings

7 - Thomas Müller

27 | Germany | FC Bayern Munich

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

Arguably the best secondary striker in football, Bayern's Mueller always has a knack for turning up just in the nick of time to nab a goal for his superstar super-squad. With a solid set of 70s for pace, passing, physicality and dribbling, wrapped around an impressive 84 finishing, the man should be a shoe-in (poor joke) for your side.

  • An above-average CF with intimidating off the ball movement
  • Could be an interesting CAM if trained in that position

6 - Gonzalo Higuain

28 | Argentina | Juventus F.C.

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

After nearly setting Naples alight by signing for rivals Juventus this summer, with stats of a devastating 87 shooting and 82 dribbling, you can see why Juve paid in excess of €90 million for his services. Would you though?

  • Great out and out striker
  • Strong figurehead for your side
  • Not the greatest of team players

5 - Antoine Griezmann

25 | France | Atletico Madrid

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

Fast becoming a household name across the European continent, and in the homes of optimistic Arsenal fans, Griezmann is a frightening talent in his own right. The Atletico star commands stats of 87 dribbling, 86 pace and 85 shooting, making him one heck of a tricksy candidate to lead your front line.

  • Sublimely skillful
  • Rapid and an excellent finisher
  • Is equally adept on the wing
  • Not the strongest of footballers

4 - Sergio Agüero

28 | Argentina | Manchester City F.C.

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

One of the deadliest strikers in the English League and the world, Agüero's stats of 89 pace, 88 finishing, 89 dribbling and impressive 70s for both passing and physicality, make him, possibly, the silkiest all-rounder on this here list.

  • One of the greatest forwards ever
  • Fast, skillful and a guaranteed finisher
  • Good enough to build teams around

3 - Robert Lewandowski

28 | Poland | FC Bayern Munich

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

Ice cold assassin Lewandowski needs no introduction. The irresistible striker's form seemingly knows no end, and if he continues on this rich vein he will most definitely see himself become a sporting legend. But with his intimidatingly impressive all-round stats, including 85 shooting, 82 physicality and 85 dribbling, he would make any manager's side in a heartbeat.

  • Perfect candidate for a team with a high defensive press
  • Can finish from pretty much anywhere
  • Useful as a final ball distributor up front

2 - Zlatan Ibrahimović

34 | Sweden | Manchester United F.C.

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

The self-professed legendary striker certainly has the stats to match up with his even more impressive ego, but he will have his work cut out to lift a vacuous Man Utd side from also-rans to champions. But with solid 80s for dribbling, physicality and passing, soldered onto a banging 90 shooting, if anyone can... Zlatan can.

  • Could be an effective CAM
  • Can finish from pretty much anywhere too
  • Insanely strong striker will make shielding the ball a doddle
  • Not as quick as he was anymore

1 - Luis Suárez

29 | Uruguay | FC Barcelona

[EA Sports]
[EA Sports]

And finally, love him or hate him, Luis Suárez is FIFA 17's greatest out and out forward. And they're not wrong with that listing. From one of the most controversial and bitey (literally) players in football, Suárez saw his fortunes change when he moved to Barcelona to form the world's most formidable front 3 with Neymar and Lionel Messi at his side.

With a 90 for shooting, 87 for dribbling and 79s for both passing and physicality, this man won't just need a great team around him. He can create great teams. I mean, look at that Liverpool side he played for. They weren't that great now, were they? But with him on the pitch...

  • The perfect forward

Other Strikers For Your Consideration

Alexandre Lacazette

24 | France | Olympique Lyonnais | OVR: 85


Diego Costa

27 | Spain | Chelsea F.C. | OVR: 85


Harry Kane

23 | England | Tottenham Hotspur | OVR: 84


Javier Hernández

28 | Mexico | Bayer Leverkusen | OVR: 83

[BT Sport]
[BT Sport]

Jamie Vardy

29 | England | Leicester City F.C. | OVR: 82


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