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Being a video game collector nowadays is tough—and obscenely expensive.

Not only do you have plenty of special editions of various games to keep an eye on, there's more money being drained from your wallet than ever! I mean, you'll have to shell out the amount it costs to buy a brand new console for the Special Edition of . Madness.

But I think the collector's item that Square Enix just unveiled for takes the cake—and years of income.

Got A Spare $470,000? Then This Final Fantasy XV Collector's Item Can Be All Yours!

What on earth could conceivably cost this amount of money that pertains to a video game?! Do you get a real life version of Noctis who follows you around? A lifetime supply of Final Fantasy? Your very own chocobo?!

Nope, it's an Audi.

Alright, I admit that this car is very sexy and all that, but did we really need a video game themed car at that price?!

I feel like some random business owner with more money than I'll ever see in my life will spot this car and be all like, "I want this machine, now!" Then he'll spend the rest of the time being approached by Final Fantasy fans without a notion of what the hell is happening.

Perhaps it'll come with a disclaimer: "Warning: This is a video game car. You will be asked about the video game that it's related to. Without that knowledge you will be ridiculed, or worse."

Some nice leather, though.

And decal.

At least they're driving a similar car in the game I guess?

Check out the trailer for the car below (yes, there's a trailer).

For this price you could buy approximately 7,251 copies of Final Fantasy 15. Fun fact of the day!

What do you make of this extreme collector's item?


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