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Remakes and remasters are one thing—in fact they're a dime a dozen nowadays—but demasters, which catapult modern games back into the nostalgia-laced days of yore, they're a rarity.

If ever there was a modern title that'd still function beautifully in the context of old-school game design, it's . The series has been around for decades and the combat and visual style that we in the West associate with JRPGs stems from the success of this franchise on our side of the pond. Therefore, seeing the impressive feat that is Final Fantasy 15 as if it were a 1 game not only overloads our nostalgia sensors, it works so damn well.

Yes, We Would Still Play Final Fantasy 15 If It Were A PS1 Game

To begin, we get the classic menu screen. I bet you can already hear the music and obscenely loud sound effects.

Shall we continue with the nostalgia gifs?

Seems the answer is an empathetic yes!

Having recently started playing the beautiful I Am Setsuna and the anciently glorious Suikoden II, this kind of title screen makes me wonder why we even bothered to stop playing these kind of JRPGs. They just keep on giving! And besides, they have wonderful running animations:

Look at him goooooo!
Look at him goooooo!

And we can't talk about the wonder of JRPGs without referencing their glorious combat mechanics.

You go firaga!
You go firaga!

Or the semi-tedious random combat encounters and that beautiful whirlpool effect that accompany them.

Now that's how you start a boss fight.

So please, enjoy all the nostalgic wonders of C4DNerd's Final Fantasy XV - PlaysStation 1 Edition.

Are you the kind of JRPG fan who would play this?


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