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This is a game for old schoolers and first timers alike, but after the 40 hour narrative you'll probably feel like an experienced player regardless of your Final Fantasy history. Though if you've never played a game before, expect to uncover the majesty of a story-driven RPG set in a spectacular open world full of wonders, great characters, cultures and massive beasts — which are bigger than anything we've ever seen before. Like, ever.

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One of the largest of these beasts is the Adamantoise, a creature that is a recurring veteran of the Final Fantasy universe, with it first appearing in Final Fantasy II — I wasn't even born! The Adamantoise is basically a huge tortoise and it's become an increasingly difficult boss over the years. In , however, its level of awesomeness is beyond compare. If you beat this super boss, you'll unlock the gold Tortoise Toppler trophy for your efforts, but that is easier said than done.

What Does The Adamantoise Actually Look Like In Final Fantasy XV?

Mountains shouldn't move... [Credit: Square Enix]
Mountains shouldn't move... [Credit: Square Enix]

Some of the first glimpses we saw of the beast came from the Chinese conference trailer for Final Fantasy XV, and the first thing you notice is that this creature is, well... massive. And yet, if you didn't know what you were looking for, you would pass it by thinking it was just another strangely-shaped mountain. But once the Adamantoise properly shows itself, the thing looks unstoppable, and it will be a huge challenge for any team.

The Adamantoise is one of the most spectacular sights in Final Fantasy 15, probably making him one of the most remarkable things to see in gaming this year! But...

Is It Even Possible To Defeat The Adamantoise?

Scary, but pretty frigging cool. [Credit: Square Enix]
Scary, but pretty frigging cool. [Credit: Square Enix]

Before the game was released, and we had only a few images of the Adamantoise, there were quite a few rumors going round that it was almost impossible to defeat. Some said that it would take 30 in-game days, which is about 15 hours of real game time (I think I've got better things to do) before it could be toppled. This could still be true for a team made up of lower level characters, but it's unlikely that it would take so long for a higher level team. You're probably still looking at an hour of fighting, but hopefully not the majority of a day!

How Do You Reach The Super Boss?

Adamantoise location (Credit: PowerPyx)
Adamantoise location (Credit: PowerPyx)
  • Step One: As it is a post-game super boss, you'll obviously need to finish the game before being able to face up against the monster.
  • Step Two: After finishing Final Fantasy XV, you have to go back into the open world and find Cindy at the Hammerhead Outpost. There you'll receive a quest called "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie."
  • Step Three: After this quest, the Adamantoise will be awakened. Before fighting it though, you'll first have to accept another quest called "Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe" from Takka at his restaurant by the Hammerhead. With that, you should be ready to go!

Tips On How To Fight & Defeat The Adamantoise

Firstly, unlike in-game bosses, post-game bosses in Final Fantasy XV are meant to be very, very challenging. This video from PowerPyx shows how it took just over 50 minutes to defeat the Adamantoise. Here are some tips that will assist you on your final, super boss battle.

  • By the end of the game, you should be around level 40. In fact you'll need to be at this level if you wish to beat the Adamantoise in a decent amount of time, so if you're still in the thirties then it's time to level up!
  • Next up are the Warp Factor Ascensions, which will give you more warp-strike damage. Make sure you have them, as these are the recommended techniques to take down the Adamantoise.
  • If you can equip yourself with items that will increase your strength such as the Dark Matter Bracelet, then I would do so.
  • TwistInTh3Myth also recommends wearing the Prince's Fatigues (No Jacket) as it will give you a great deal more strength too. And, in terms of tech, you should try and get hold of the Enhancement from Ignis which adds damage to each attack.
  • Greatswords are also recommended when fighting the beast, so equip yourself with the strongest one you can find. Or, if you can get your hands on the Zwill Crossblades from Randolph, these will also do the trick.
  • Although it's quite repetitive, your main focus point should be the Adamantoise's right paw. But, when the eye opens up, go for that.
  • Alternatively, you can also aim for the beast's Warp Points on either side of its head. If you can get to this, then you'll be able to lock onto its eye or some sort of fleshy part. This will also work.
  • You should also try and have your inventory full of Health Potions and Magitek Boosters. You're gonna take a lot of damage.
  • Eating the Golden Tail Soup —which you can get with level 10 cooking — is also recommended as it will increase health recovery.
  • Don't forget to attack when the giant beast looks like it has had enough and it puts its head on the ground. This is when the Adamantoise is at its weakest.
  • As a heads up, the Adamantoise is level 99, is immune to holy weapons and has 5 million HP. And, if you do die, you'll have to start from scratch. Don't die, basically.

Once you've beaten the beast you should head back to Takka for your reward, which should be 50,000 Gil and 50,000 EXP.

Have any other tips for taking down the Adamantoise in Final Fantasy 15? Let us know in the comments!

Hyped for the new Final Fantasy XV? You can check out the PS4 trailer below!

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