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When you first start playing the excellent Final Fantasy XV, you'll notice several massive changes to the combat system that have never been seen before in Final Fantasy. These changes are ultimately essential to mastering the massive and seamless open world experience that Square Enix have crafted.

Top Tips To Help You Come To Grips With The New Final Fantasy XV Combat System

This is the first time in that we are playing in a truly open world, where you and your well-dressed bodyguards can choose to just explore the gorgeous landscape in your extravagant convertible, roaming the 40 hour world-saving storyline, the beefed up combat system and the mountain-sized beasts that are lying in wait. So, let's take a look at the top tips in our to survive the combat system of !

The Combat System In Final Fantasy XV Looks Like A Hack-And-Slash Affair, But Couldn't Be Further From It

Looks pretty darn messy! [Credit: Square Enix]
Looks pretty darn messy! [Credit: Square Enix]

In Final Fantasy XV, everything regarding the combat system has been completely revamped. And, as you can see above, it all looks terribly messy. It's a far cry from what we know of the franchise — which is a pretty logical turn-based system — but the changes that we've noticed to the combat, especially the fact that there is no separate battle screen, make everything feel much more fluid than in previous Final Fantasy installments.

Although it does look like a chaotic heap of button mashing, it actually isn't. In fact, it's a mix of several different elements that you'll quickly learn to master while playing.

  • Firstly, you must choose and unleash combos carefully by pressing the square button on PS4 or the X Button on Xbox One.
  • Secondly, with the switch to real-time combat, your position is also absolutely critical. For example, if you are behind an enemy, you'll be able to deal a whole lot more damage than if you're in front.
  • Being grouped together with your teammates will improve your chances in combat.
  • Lastly, parrying and dodging now play a huge role in the game. But it's not just a given that you'll use these moves like in other RPGs. Here, dodging or parrying will also use up your MP points, so you really have to think about what to do next.

The Magic System Has Been Completely Revamped For Final Fantasy XV

Nice aim! [Credit: Square Enix]
Nice aim! [Credit: Square Enix]

Another one of the major changes to combat on the whole is how the magic system works. What we've found is that things aren't as easy as previous games when it comes to magic. It's no longer as simple as picking your spell and launching it across the battlefield. Now you have to start thinking about the types of spells you need and how to create them.

  • You'll have to take notice of what your surroundings look like before using your spells in Final Fantasy XV. For example, don't use a fire spell in a grassy area as it actually might damage friends and foes alike.
  • In this game, magic is seen as more of an integral part of the universe. This means that you'll be able to find elements and draw them from the world, and then later use them in battle.
  • The amount of spells to use in combat has also been reduced. There are now only a few spells that you can choose from while in combat, but these spells will be highly customizable.

Using Tech Attacks In Final Fantasy XV

Nice shot, bro. [Credit: Square Enix]
Nice shot, bro. [Credit: Square Enix]

This pretty neat addition to Final Fantasy XV allows Noctis to join up with his comrades in battle and combine forces, generating a flurry of pretty awesome combos. These attacks, which can only be initiated when your green tech bar is full enough, are the perfect way to finish off an enemy or get yourself out of a sticky situation.

  • To use them, make sure your green tech gauge is full. Once it is, you can choose the tech attacks using L1 and then unleash the fury by selecting your preferred attack.
  • Take note that you'll only be able to use them if your party members are alive and well. Depending on how many members of your boy band are available, you'll have a certain number and type of attacks to choose from.
  • After the main tech attack has been used, you'll still have to keep on your toes as, more often than not, you'll be required to follow it up with a final blow. Don't mess it up, as the full weight of the whole attack depends on it.
  • Don't confuse the tech attacks with simply using your team's powers. This is a completely different element of the game which allows you to activate one of your teammate's powers in battle while playing Final Fantasy XV.

Combos Now Depend Totally On What Weapons You Use

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Combos also depend on the weapon you are using, as every weapon in the game has a different set of combos attached to it. Don't worry that you'll run out of interesting combos to use though, as Noctis can carry up to five weapons at any one time.

  • This new combination of combos and weapons has been deemed the 'multi-blade fighting style'. It basically gives players tons of options when it comes to what combinations they can use.
  • It works out so that you'll be able to use a certain weapon for the first few shock hits and then a second weapon for the last blow.

Have you caught the hilarious Cup Noodles product placement trailer for Final Fantasy XV?

What do you think of the new combat style in Final Fantasy XV? Any tips of your own to add? Let us know in the comments!

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