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If you're looking to pre-order Final Fantasy XV, brace yourself: you're about to be faced with a maddening wealth of DLC exclusives as numerous as the tentacles on a Malboro, constantly unfurling to unveil another writhing nest of choices.

Have no fear. We're going to do our best to walk you through it.

Day One Edition

First, regardless of where you pre-order Final Fantasy XV, you'll receive the Day One Edition which includes the exclusive weapon Masamune.

Reserving a physical copy of the game also comes with unique bonuses depending on your chosen retailer:


Pre-ordering from Amazon includes some benefits they don't even list on their storefront if Square Enix is to be believed:

  • Gourmand Set which includes 2 types of rare cooking ingredients
  • Camera Kit to accessorize your in-game camera (also included in Ultimate Edition)
  • Roadtrip DLC which includes the Gold Chocobo paint job for your car and at least three legacy Final Fantasy weapons as rewards for completing the exploratory DLC: FFXIII's Blazefire Saber, FFIX's Mage Mashers, and FFXIV's Gae Bolg.

Best Buy

Best Buy has an exclusive $99.99 Best Buy Edition of the game that includes a Season Pass for the game and a collectible Chocobo beanie.


Pre-ordering through GameStop yields the tie-in minigame A King's Tale which tells the story of the protagonist's father in retro pixel-style Final Fantasy graphics.

Microsoft Store

The bonuses from Microsoft ultimately translate to saving a little money.

  • $10 gift code
  • Angler Set used for fishing in FFXV (also included in Ultimate Edition)

Playstation Store

And Playstation's offerings aren't much to write home about.

Square Enix Store

If you're a Final Fantasy diehard who wants some swag and doesn't mind taking a gamble, Square Enix's shop might be for you.

If you're looking to step it up and order the Deluxe or Ultimate Collector's Edition of the game, you're looking at another suite of items on top of the aforementioned pre-order bonuses.

Deluxe Edition

In addition to the variety of pre-order bonuses, the Deluxe Edition of the game includes:

Ultimate Collector's Edition

You may have trouble finding the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the game as Square Enix only made a limited number available. However, if you manage to find it, this edition of the game includes:

  • All Deluxe Edition content
  • Brotherhood on Blu-ray
  • Soundtracks for Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive, and Brotherhood
  • Noctis action figure from Play Arts KAI
  • 192-page hardcover art book

Digital Bonuses

If you're not interested in any of this physical limited edition tomfoolery and you live that digital life, there are some minor digital pre-order bonuses from Sony and Microsoft.

Final Fantasy XV boasts one of the most gratuitous examples of retailer-exclusive pre-order DLC in recent memory. We hope we've helped your navigate the mess, but at this point, we wonder if consumers will sit down to make the hard choice or shrug and buy it from wherever, because at this point, do we really care about these exclusives that much?

Are you going to play Final Fantasy XV?


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