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Final Fantasy XV is finally out! As you start diving into the adventure, you may be wondering how you can optimize your battle tactics in pursuit of a successful and rage-free playthrough of the game (I know I was). Well, we're here to help with one of the most exciting battle elements in Square Enix's latest game: Summons.

Summoning In XV: All Of The Summons/Astrals In Final Fantasy 15

Summons, known as Astrals in , are the magical beasts called on by Noctis to assist when the player hits dire straits in battle. Here is a list of all of the Astrals and summons you will meet during your Final Fantasy 15 adventure (so far)!

Beware: Possible end-game spoilers ahead.


Titan makes an appearance mid-battle. [Credit: Square Enix]
Titan makes an appearance mid-battle. [Credit: Square Enix]

About Titan: Coming from Lestallum in the Cauthess region, Titan becomes a key character and formidable Astral in the Final Fantasy XV story. When summoned, Titan makes use of his strength to cause major damage to the surrounding landscape by throwing boulders. He may also do melee damage to the enemy depending on the situation. A handy Summon to have around!

How to Summon this Astral: Titan can be summoned when an ally is incapacitated.


'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]
'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]

About Ramuh: As the only available summon in Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae, we've been aware of Ramuh's powerful potential for a bit longer than the actual game has been out. Not a lot has changed since the demo, but his weapon of choice is the Judgement Bolt unless he is summoned when the player is in a dungeon. In this case, he will execute a ranged attack with his staff.

How to Summon this Astral: In the final game, Ramuh can be summoned when the battle has gone on for a while.


'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]
'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]

About Leviathan: Following a massive battle, Leviathan becomes available as a Summon. Aside from her daunting size, Leviathan boasts an arsenal of monstrous attacks ranging from the creation of water cyclones to the rather straightforward... consumption of her enemies. Death by beak!

How to Summon this Astral: When there is water nearby, Leviathan can be summoned when Noctis is in the "Danger" state in Final Fantasy 15.


'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]
'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]

About Shiva: Shiva is an incredibly unique and powerful Astral in Final Fantasy 15. Her signature move is her ability to create copies of herself that torment enemies while she uses Diamond Dust to freeze them.

Shiva is also revealed to be the alter ego of Gentiana later in the game — Luna's companion and a source of key advice for Noctis.

How to Summon this Astral: Shiva can be summoned when all of the summoning conditions for the other Astrals have been satisfied.


'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]
'Final Fantasy 15' [Credit: Square Enix]

About Bahamut: Bahamut, otherwise known as "The Dragon King," is a classic character. He has appeared in several installments and even has his own game! He's a famous villain and thought to be the most powerful summon in the franchise's history.

How to summon this Astral: Unfortunately, Bahamut cannot be outright summoned in Final Fantasy 15. You've got to meet a certain amount of narrative requirements for him to become available, and even then he can only be summoned during a main quest. This is the only chance that players have to witness this guy's intimidating badassery. Think of him as a sort of a random saving grace exclusive to Chapter 14.

More Summons To Come For Final Fantasy XV...?

Two other memorable Summons make inspiring appearances late in the story. Perhaps we'll see more of them in future DLC?

Ifrit - Ifrit is featured in Final Fantasy XV not as a Summon, but as a makeshift enemy. Controlled by Ardyn Izunia, Ifrit appears in Chapter 15 and attacks Noctis' party. It takes the combined efforts of Bahamut and Shiva to take him down.

Got any favorites from the previous Final Fantasy games? Which other Summons do you hope to see in future Final Fantasy 15 DLC expansions?


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