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Rachelle Riddle

Final Fantasy XV launched a countdown site late last night, hinting at something big. The countdown is set to end October 4 at 9:00PM PST and the clock numbers are embroidered in red thread topped by a knit Moogle. Final Fantasy's twitter feed confirmed Moogles would be shown soon and the countdown seems to hint at a Moogle-related reveal.

No other hints have been given about the countdown's purpose, but you can rest assured that rumors are abound. It seems likely that the countdown is ticking toward a reveal of how Moogles will be in the game, though some are hoping for a demo.

Since the game was already delayed from its original September 30 date, some speculate an additional delay, but Square Enix wouldn't put up a countdown site just to announce disappointing news. We can only assume the clock is counting down to something exciting since they went through the effort of making such a visually appealing page.

Final Fantasy XV will officially launch November 29, alongside a collectable Luna special edition PS4. If you're still looking for something to keep you occupied while you wait, check out three ways to pass the time or head over to a preview of the game itself.


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