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There's nothing more empowering than a ragtag group of heroes banding together to overcome the odds and save the day. It makes for great movies and games, but apparently doesn't make for great Global Missions in .

We were skeptical when the event went live, but had a glimmer of hope that the community would pull together and meet the goal. But it was not to be, ultimately leaving us with one question, what went wrong?

The First Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Mission Is A Gigantic Failure

[Credit: Nintendo And Gamefreak, Source: Tech Times]
[Credit: Nintendo And Gamefreak, Source: Tech Times]

The objective was simple: To catch 'em all. Players around the world were asked to band together to capture 100,000,000 Pokemon over the span of two weeks. It was supposed to bring a bustling community together, seeing as Pokemon Sun and Moon sold two million copies during its opening weekend in Japan alone. So despite the rather ambitious goals, millions of trainers around the globe would raise their Pokeballs to the challenge. It must have at least been close, right?

That's what you'd believe from the English announcements headline on the Pokemon website, which states "The First Global Mission Goal Was Just Missed", but by how much?

If you wanted an answer, you'd find it from the Japanese announcement on the same site (translated by Serebii), which points out that 16,423,231 Pokemon were caught and registered during the event. It's a far cry from the 100 million goal, but comes with a silver lining in that future goals will be adjusted in response to this mission.

[Credit: TV Tokyo]
[Credit: TV Tokyo]

Though in my opinion, this event was doomed to fail. Global events are designed for older players who grew up with the Pokemon games, but there's a slight issue with marketing events to people like them, myself included.

We have no reason to mindlessly catch Pokemon. I personally don't want my PC boxes filled with useless monsters—as if I'd have space with all the eggs—and I don't want to waste money on buying Pokeballs for Pokemon that I'll have to release down the line.

I've been playing Pokemon for the better part of 20 years, so if Nintendo want players like myself on board, they've got to do better. Encourage us to trade or battle other players, make us try things that force us out of our comfort zones, but don't ask us to catch a hundred Yungoos so I can say I'm doing my part.

Though despite how critical I've been of the event, it's not all doom and gloom. Nintendo learned a lot from the first Global Mission and despite the fact it ended in failure, players can still pick up a smaller 100 Festival Coin consolation prize. The second mission will begin on December 27th and will involve the Island Scan feature, so it might be worth dusting off those QR codes.

Did you participate in the Global Event? Do you agree that it was doomed from the start?

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