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We've all spent far too much time lingering around the locales of the Grand Theft Auto series' iconic cities. Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos and London, all of its wonderful, sprawling, bustling metropolises ram-packed with a little bit of the ol' ultraviolence and skullduggery, here and there.

But out of the game's most famous cities, which would you like to visit most IRL? Me personally, I'd love to throw myself into the neon-tinted debauchery of Vice City. Which is why I'm honestly overjoyed at the existence of this work-in-progress mod that is seeking to bring the delights of retro GTA to your modern AF PC with flights to Vice City and, eventually, GTA III's Liberty City.

GTA V Mod Lets You Day Trip To Vice City

[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]

Currently in its alpha phase, Crotainment Games' epic mod is seeking to add even more land to an already massive map containing Los Santos and Blaine County. Jetting off from Los Santos International Airport, the flight to Vice City actually takes a fair amount of time before coming into contact with the metropolis across the water. Which is fairly realistic and excitement-building.

Check out the early build in the video below:

As you can see, there's still a fair bit of work to do, but the bones of a few of Vice City's choice locations are clear to see, like...

Ocean Beach

[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]

Prawn Island

[Credit: Rockstar Games]
[Credit: Rockstar Games]

And much more, as highlighted in the below video which offers a glimpse at the fixes Crotainment has been making to the build.

With no word as to when this will be releasing, we'll be sure to keep you updated as more news slowly dribbles onto the web.

What's your favorite GTA city?

(Source: Crotainment Games)


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