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The closed alpha for the upcoming multiplayer battle game For Honor launches on September 15th running through to September 18th. The game from Ubisoft pitches Viking against Knight against Samurai in fierce melee combat using swords and axes. It has already been through a beta testing period but at that stage participants had to sign a non disclosure agreement, preventing them from streaming or even talking about the game while the test was live. This time around there is no NDA so expect to see some pretty hardcore battles being streamed over the internet this weekend.

Participation in the closed alpha is by invitation only so if you've signed up to take part go and check your emails. If you weren't lucky enough not to be selected, or you haven't signed up yet, fear not as Ubisoft will be running further tests later in the year. My advice (if you haven't done so already) is to head over to the For Honor site and sign up (I'll make it easy for here!!).

If you are curious about the game and want to know what to expect check out the You Tube footage from E3 2015 below.

The closed alpha offers players 3 game modes to try out, Duel (1 Vs 1), Brawl (2 Vs 2) and Dominion (4 Vs 4) over 3 maps. Each of the warring factions has their own sub class too, so you'll be able to try out varying styles of play.

The game itself is due for release in February 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will feature a campaign to sit alongside the multiplayer mode.


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