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To commemorate DC Universe Online's six-year anniversary of fighting evil — or in some cases, being the evil in and Metropolis — until January 31 the massive multiplayer online game is offering a free one-time boost to its maximum level 30 and a crate of free 100-rated combat gear. You can use this boost on an existing character or a new one of your choice.

This special gift, valued at $25, is for every character, good or bad! Let us all put our weapons down for a day to send thanks to for such a great act of kindness.

Simply click and confirm!
Simply click and confirm!

Here's How You Do It

  • All you need to do for this boost is:
  • Log in to or create your account on DC Universe Online and select or create a character.
  • During character creation, the option to skip to level 30 and combat rating 100 will appear after you finish customizing your hero or heroine.
  • If you have an existing player, there will be a "Skip to CR 100" option at the bottom of your select screen.
  • Simply hit confirm and log in for your free gift basket.

After you log in to the game, your character will automatically be at level 30 and all power and skill points will be ready for you to spend. Check your inventory for a purple box right away, because that's where all your weapons and goodies will be! You will have to open each individually and choose the set you would like. There are two options: the basic armor sets that offer a practical offensive play style, or your class (tank, control or healing), depending on your power set. You won't get a chance to re-pick, so choose wisely.

My combat rating 100 box of goodies.
My combat rating 100 box of goodies.

This offer is presented for everyone, but of course members get a little something extra: A second boost! The newsletter explains combat rating and being ready for tiers five and six:

So, what is Advance to CR100? It works just like Advance to Level 25, which we introduced last year. With this, you can advance a new or existing character to Combat Rating 100. You will be granted appropriate feats and gear, so your character will be ready to play content in Tier 5 and Tier 6.

Check out DC Universe Online's awesome guides to help you get started on a new player or jumping into Tier 5+ content:

All the epics!
All the epics!

Are you logging in to get your free boost? What's your favorite power to use in DC Universe Online? Let us know in the comments section below.

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