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Friday the 13th is one of the most hotly anticipated horror releases of the year. This terrifying new game is set to have horror fans across the globe playing from behind the sofa.

This latest reveal from tells a murderous tale of hide and seek. The scary new footage puts us right in the bloodstained shoes of his latest victim.

The game’s main playable area mirrors the infamous Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th series — players must fight for their lives in those iconic camping grounds.

This game brings fear full circle — from seeing it in the movies to feeling it in our homes. Jason will stop at nothing to hunt you down and kill you. My advice is to run. Never stop running.

The focus of the Friday 13th game is the multiplayer — in effect, a 1 vs. 7 type scenario in a large scale environment. One player will take on the role of Jason while the others run and hide in a somewhat futile effort to survive — hence why the newest trailer is called "Hide and Seek."

The new teaser focuses specifically on the fact that the game will tailor its overall gameplay experience towards the murderous game of hide and go die... I mean, hide and go seek.

Jason will have special abilities that will give him somewhat of an advantage, but the counselors that are sent away to hide will have numbers on their side. Those that are sent to hide must use all of their cunning to evade Jason and survive. The players being hunted do have the ability to win the multiplayer matches however. Players are able to lure Jason into traps and other hazardous areas that can hurt him.

Gun media also revealed a second playable map over the weekend called "Higgins Haven." The additional map was never meant for inclusion in the original concept, however the devs decided to add it in to give the game even more playability and even more places to hide from Jason.

Take a look at this Higgins Haven teaser — make sure you watch it until the very end — it gets a little messy.

Platform: Xbox One, PS4 & PC

Genre: Horror, Survival

Release date: 2017

Developer: Gun Media

Are you ready to step into Camp Crystal Lake?


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