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Considering today's date, there couldn't be a more appropriate time to draw your attention to one of the most exciting horror games currently in development. It is Friday the 13th: The Game, and it's set to gratify your every Jason-themed power fantasy.

When the original movie released in 1980, technology was too primitive to recreate that heart-in-mouth tension that comes with the experience of being hunted by a sadistic and unrelenting killer. Instead, we got this:

I know, it's horrific for entirely different reasons. But now we may finally have a Friday the 13th game worthy of the legendary cinematic franchise.

Here's everything you need to know about the project.

1. The game was crowdfunded under a different name

Initially announced on Kickstarter in 2015, the project began life as a horror game totally unrelated to the franchise. The game was called Summer Camp and shared a lot of stylistic similarities with the teen slasher films. Impressed by early concepts they saw, the owners of Friday the 13th's rights approached the developers with the idea of producing a tie-in game. And here we are!

2. It takes place at the infamous Crystal Lake

It wouldn't be a proper Friday the 13th game without returning to Jason's original teen hunting ground, Camp Crystal Lake. But this time, you'll be actively exploring the iconic movie location, ranging from the dusk-lit waterfront to the creaky staff cabins.

Of course, everything is modeled after the movie's location, so expect plenty of easter eggs and referential nods for die-hard fans.

3. It's an asymmetrical 1v7 multiplayer game

What does that actually mean? Well, although developer Gun Media has confirmed that there will be a single player component to the game, the primary focus is its unorthodox multiplayer mode.

At the beginning of each round all players will spawn in a random location. The camp counsellors must survive long enough to escape, while Jason's goal is... well, you can probably guess.

4. Yes, you can play as Jason and he's pretty much invincible

If you're playing a counselor you had better be scared. The one player lucky enough to control Jason will be a nigh-unstoppable force, fueled by a single-minded murderous urge. The developers have said:

He’s an unflinching, brutal killing force; the ultimate predator, and for the first time ever you control this horror icon.

Keep your finger firmly placed on that run button counselors, because resistance will be futile. There will be a way to slow Jason down — by setting bear traps etc. — but he'll simply keep coming.

5. It features some seriously brutal execution moves

When you are inevitably caught by the hockey-masked psycho, don't expect to get off lightly. While a machete is certainly effective, slashing victims to death lacks a little creativity. Luckily, you'll also be able to pull off special environmental kills ripped straight from the big screen.

These cinematic homages, such as the sleeping bag execution recreated above, ensures there will be plenty of fan service to get excited about.

6. The franchise's legendary alumni are all on board

You may have seen shots of Jason's stuntman himself, Kane Hodder, recording motion capture for the game.

Of course, Hodder wasn't the only man behind Jason's mask. Check out this awesome article if you want to see every single Jason Voorhees actor unmasked.

Also on board with the project is Sean S. Cunningham, director of the original film, special effects artist Tom Savini and composer Harry Manfredini. So, everyone you could possibly want!

Check out this awesome behind the scenes interview:

They're going all out to ensure this will be a worthy and faithful adaptation to the franchise. The only omission is the presence of any original cast members, replaced by stereotypical stand-ins covering every stock personality in the slasher genre, from college jock to geeky bookworm.

You should, however, take a look at what the cast from Friday the 13th look like now. The transformations might surprise you!

8. VR is being considered

Nothing is yet confirmed, but imagine seeing through the eyes of Jason, towering over a helpless counselor begging for their life before sinking your machete-wielding hand into them. Brutal, but amazing.

9. It's set for release soon

Lastly, you need to know when you can actually get your hands on Friday the 13th: The Game. Now you're sufficiently psyched for what may be the greatest movie tie-in game ever, I'm sorry to have to break it to you that you'll be waiting at a couple more months for it. Slated for later this year, the game will come out first on PC. It's not confirmed for other platforms, but you have to assume a console version will follow shortly after.

Remember you can still contribute to the game here to help the community reach their next crowdfunding stretch goal.

And If you want to brush up on your Friday the 13th knowledge before the game comes out check out this franchise quiz for hardcore fans.

Are you ready to face Jason?


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