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I'm of the opinion that Friday the 13th is creepy enough without any additional elements of horror being present in my life. But for those of you who have a higher tolerance for pure terror, there is hope for you yet. That hope comes in the form of a little game called Sylvio.

Remastered Indie Game 'Sylvio' Hits Consoles Just In Time For Friday The 13th

The story of Sylvio follows a ghost recorder named Juliette Waters who resolves to put an end to an evil curse surrounding a family cult with only her microphone and a weird beebee-type gun in hand.

Juliette believes that her ability to hear the dead is "more of a two-way communication" that may enable her to help them find their way out of limbo and into the light. While some people sh*t their pants when a ghost speaks to them, Juliette just wants to bring peace to the world. Her unusual optimism provides a stark contrast to what is a deeply dark and disturbing backdrop.

The game's setting has been compared to 's infamous Lakeside Amusement Park while the music appears to be heavily influenced by Akira Yamaoka's work on Silent Hill 3's hazy downtempo electronic soundtrack. Based on what I've seen, I don't think you'd be too far off if you thought the same.

That nail color is killer, right? [Credit: Stroboskop]
That nail color is killer, right? [Credit: Stroboskop]

If Sylvio seems familiar to you, it's probably because it is. The original Sylvio was released back in 2015 for PC and was generally well-received by those that played. The move to and with the game's remaster seems to be a natural and welcomed next step for the game.

Aside from a basic facelift, the remaster brings with it the ability to revisit previously explored areas, level optimization, improved hand animations and a wealth of experience-enhancing tweaks that were already rolled out for the version of the game.

So, why waste time talking to humans when you could just mingle with the dead from the comfort of your couch? If you're still reading this then you've been here too long. Go out there and get chatty with some ghosts!

Will you be heading into the mist with your microphone or will you just stick to 'Ghostbusters'?


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