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Like Minecraft? Like MMOs? How about the two combined together? Well then, welcome to Wynncraft, an MMORPG that takes place entirely inside a Minecraft server.

The online RPG takes place in the Wynn Province, one of the "biggest and most detailed custom maps" for Minecraft. Players can gain experience, level up, go on dozens of quests, create guilds, fight bosses, and more. Above all, players can just go exploring too: the map is approximately 4000 x 5500 blocks, which means it's, well, quite the trek.

Oh, and there's also over 1 million players. So Wynncraft isn't just cool, it's popular, too. Check out the MMO in action below if you're interested in joining up.

Apparently Wynncraft has been online for quite some time, too. The game first came out in 2013, growing steadily over the past four years ever since. It doesn't hurt that the game features a competitive leaderboard system, allowing players and guilds to compete for first place against one another.

But even after four years, it's still impressive to think that a service like Wynncraft can operate inside a game as simple as Minecraft.

Minecraft Makes For Interesting Projects

[Source: Wynncraft]
[Source: Wynncraft]

Perhaps "simple" isn't the right word. Minecraft seems like a straightforward game on its own, but the title actually allows players to create some pretty interesting -- and complicated -- undertakings in-game.

Why? A material called redstone can be used to create redstone circuits, leading to a variety of advanced undertakings: including elevators, calculators, and computers. Simple redstone circuits can create interesting circuit systems, but a more in-depth understanding of the system can lead to some pretty enormous computing creations, making redstone a powerful creation tool once mastered.

But even beyond redstone, Minecraft is a game based on structural creation. Infrastructure is key to every building and item created in the game. That means its open-ended nature is perfect for developing just about anything. And here's some of our favorite items that have been created in-game.

Real Computing?

There's plenty of YouTube videos that show off how to create a model computer. Those are pretty interesting, but they're better for roleplaying or interior design. Creating a real computer, meanwhile, well... that's impressive on a whole different level.

YouTuber LPG dedicated several months to creating a real computer that can be used in Minecraft, and his final result includes everything from a mini operating system to a calculator inside. It can even run and play simple games. The keyboard, meanwhile, is operated via command blocks. Pretty interesting -- and in-depth. Just goes to show what you can create in Minecraft when some dedicated programming.

Pokémon In Minecraft?

Of course, emulating Pokémon is a major gaming pastime. As Game Boy and DS iterations have come and gone, players still turn to emulators to experience one of the best Nintendo franchises in recent history. And like DOOM, emulating Pokémon on strange and interesting devices is a feat in its own right.

Well, one Minecraft user was able to bring Pokémon into Minecraft. As in, a Game Boy Advance was literally created within Minecraft and setup to emulate Pokémon. The emulation looks amazing; the screen is operated through blocks, and the visuals look quite impressive.

Is it perfect? Of course not. But its current iteration is very cool. It's hard to tell the game is being played entirely in Minecraft. Check it out when you get the chance.

A Working Smart Phone

Verizon created a literal cellphone for Minecraft, and it works right in-game. And it literally connects to the outside world. Way cool, no? Using the cellphone is simple. After crafting it, little engineers build a cell tower structure and the phone receives networking capabilities. Turn on the tower, and the phone can connect to a cell network in the outside world.

What can the phone do? Well, players can explore the Internet, go on video calls, and make phone calls. Colored blocks transmit the data and information. And, of course, the phone also has a camera that can be seen from the receiver of a video call.

The project was originally uploaded onto Github, but was later removed when the program ended. Still, it's pretty powerful for a Minecraft creation, no?

Those are our favorite interesting Minecraft creations. Have a recommendation of your own? Share yours in the comments below.


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