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What's the one game that drives you over the edge? What's had you grabbing at objects in your immediate vicinity with the intention of hurling them out the nearest window? We've all felt it—and the reasons why are rather interesting.

Whether it's online multiplayer that gets you, infuriatingly difficult indie titles, or any of the Dark Souls games, we understand your pain. I mean, I've invented new swear words to deal with my Overwatch frustrations (and bought some pillows to punch). So, as a form of catharsis, we thought we'd gather some clips of video games breaking people and them breaking their own sh** in return.

Shall we dive in?

9 Times Video Games Got The Best Of Us

Oh Super Meat Boy, you rage inducing monster.
Oh Super Meat Boy, you rage inducing monster.

1. But man, your controller!

This fantastic game from the good people at The Coalition has brought the golden years of Gears back in a big way. However, there are some teething issues. Reports of players waiting to enter a match for over 5 minutes are rampant and a lot of gamers have been suffering under that accursed lag—you know, that stuff we blame our lack of skill on. GoldGlove, one of Gears of War 4’s top streamers on Twitch, faced some of that lag during one of his matches.

He lost it.

He doesn't look very happy... was that an Xbox One Elite controller? Oh dear.

2. I'm so angry I gotta leave immediately

I must admit, up until the point that this guy quits I was so impressed. The speed of this guy's hands and the dexterity of his fingers make him a ludicrously impressive player of video games. But rather than just getting angry when he fails to master this insanely complicated concerto, he decides to vacate the premises as fast as humanly possible.

Yep, right through the window. Don't game next to windows if you live on higher floors, peeps. It ain't good for your health.

3. This chair is defective!

You know that frustrated pre-teen kid you hear roaring through your headset as you play any Call of Duty game ever? I think this is him. Call of Duty seems to attract the most frustrated individuals on the planet, or perhaps it's the very nature of the game. In any case, it's easy to come across some rage quits involving CoD, but this one is a particularly extreme freak out.

Hey! What did that chair ever do to you?! Support you, that's what! Learn how to use them properly and this won't happen.

4. Professional Quitting

I totally get people quitting a game when they're on their own and no one is around to hear them become enraged. I even understand it happening with your mates in attendance. But in a professional eSports competition? You don't quit a match. Unless you're this guy, of course.

Three times in a row?! Come on, dude! Where's the professionalism? The sportsmanship? Sheesh!

5. Your room needed remodelling anyway...

For those of us who rage pretty hard thanks to our favorite pastime, we know not to keep anything too dangerous near our precious consoles or PCs. But I suppose a lack of foresight can sometimes get the better of us. We naturally look around us for something to grab, and in this instance it just so happens to be a... samurai sword.

Yeah, maybe you shouldn't have played video games that night, huh dude? Yeah... yeah...

6. I really hope he wasn't at his friend's house

I gotta admit, football games drive me mad. I'm not even good at them. I barely even touched one before a year ago, let alone bought new releases. And yet they somehow still get under my skin. I don't even watch matches in real life! Still... I don't think I'd let a match get me this pissed off. I mean, I love my TV!

At least the other two found the humor in it all. I'd be running for the hills!

"Bye, man!!!" *F***ing legs it*

7. How not to upgrade to the PS4

The PlayStation 3 is still a great system. It has so many exceptional exclusive titles that the mere idea of getting rid of it seems ridiculous. But this gentleman here seemed to think that it deserved some rather harsh treatment. Why'd you have to go and ruin everyone else's night along with it, though? Chill, bruv.

No PlayStation 3 deserves to be thrown out the window. None of them, you hear?! And this is not a viable option for upgrading to a new system.


Rooster Teeth have made a lot of Rage Quit videos, most of which feel forced and disingenuous to me. But perhaps it's because I can relate to Michael's fury in this particular video that I'm more inclined to believe it's real. This level looks stupidly difficult and Super Meat Boy has brought me to the edge of my sanity on many occasions.

"I'm just pouring in f***ing sweat and f***ing rage." Love it.

What's your hardest rage quit moment?

If you're prone to gaming rage, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to avoid breaking your expensive hardware. It sure helped me!


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