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Before any of us attempted world 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., there was concept art; before we dove from the top of the tallest tower in Venice dressed as an assassin, there was concept art; before we pressed X to pay our respects in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, there was actual concept art.

Often the art behind video games can go unnoticed. Artists generally don't receive the praise they deserve even though games would be lost without them. Seriously, this stuff can be so damn beautiful. So we felt an interactive game would be a great way to both test your gaming knowledge and have you revel in some stellar pieces of art! You ready?

Can You Tell The Game From Its Concept Art?

Some more content for you to enjoy, dear reader:

Buddha Colors


Donglu Yu is, as you can clearly see, one of the more talented artists in the business today. We worship at her alter of stone Buddhas. But, which game was she working on?

Amongst the Clouds


John Liberto has worked on some of the biggest video game franchises in the history of the industry. But he's famous for his work on futuristic landscapes. Which one do you think this is?

City By Night


A specific publisher released this image failing to nail down the exact artists who produced it. But seeing as it's such an impressive rendering of a night of neon, I thought I'd put it in!

Trolling Us All


Renowned for his concept work on environments, props, character designs and key action scenes, Ray Lederer has worked on many a fantasy game. But which one is this?

Where Are We?


Matt Rhodes is a huge sci-fi fan, and his creations have been a part of some of the greatest science fiction worlds in video games. But where do our two heroes find themselves?

All Aboard...Are Dead


Dystopian settings in games are a dime a dozen, but this artist, who will remain nameless cause I don't know who it is, gave the apocalypse a kind of decrepit beauty. But what's the game?

The Horror of Battle


Marek Madej is a talented painter who's created works for some of the most celebrated games of our generation. But what game would depict such a brutal battlefield?

Edge of the Galaxy


The art of Jaime Jones is respected throughout the industry. And as you stare at this ridiculously detailed ship orbiting the rings of a distant planet, it's hard not to see why. But the game?

Someone Is Home


Robh Ruppel has created some truly jaw dropping designs for video games, stuff that I'd happily hang on any wall in my apartment. But what was the focus here?

Abstract Beauty


This is an extremely abstract piece by Daniel Dociu, clearly a wonderfully talented artist and I know it may be a bit impossible to guess. So here's a little hint: it's from an MMO!

Watch Your Step


Viktor Antonov is a god when it comes to concept art in games, and this is one of my personal favorites of his. But what video game world looks like this?

Vertical Madness


Unfortunately I was unable to find the name of this concept artist, but the piece they've created is sensational. It's saturated with charm and colorful delights, but what's it for?

A Foggy Sky


The publishers have disappointed us once more with the lack of a name, but this futuristic city was too beautiful and haunting not to include. Have you been here before?

Metallic Badassery


Revered as one of the finest artists in the business, Yoji Shinkawa has given some of the best games ever a bit of his own definitive style. Do you recognize it?

Praise the Sun


Created by Maximilian Degen and Simon Kopp, this breathtaking piece helped inform the color palette and mood of a really great game. What do you think it was?

How many did you get right?

Let us know what game has your favorite concept art in the comments below!


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