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Deviant Art, that chaotic void of internet culture where various fandoms, fantasies, fetishes, talent and insanity all collide and fuse into strange new forms, occasionally turns up nuggets of pure gold for those brave enough to plumb it's depths.

Have no fear, gentle reader for you have this doughty internet adventurer prepared to risk the peril for you, and boy, do I have a prize for you today.

Deviantartist Dynamito aka Roberto Flores places your favorite Game of Thrones characters in a Street Fighter style beat-em-up that not only looks gorgeous, but a hell of a lot of fun to play. Roberto's illustrations are full of fantastic little details, like the House Motto on the fighter's special bar and matching mascots behind the profile pic. In our header image, Robb Stark squares off against Khal Drogo (who, quite frankly is have more trouble quickly murderizing him that I would have predicted).

Sibling Rivalry: Tyrion vs Cersei Lannister

The depths of Roberto's imagination go even further here, where each fighter can get support from their allies, maybe in the style of King of Fighters, with team battles or assist moves, but at least, they seem to boost the stats of the selected fighters themselves.

Here's the Lannister grudge match showing off those assists, Bronn and Tyrion give Cersei the old one-two:

Joffery does not look like a very effective ally, i must say. Nice work on the background characters too!
Joffery does not look like a very effective ally, i must say. Nice work on the background characters too!

Royal Rumble

It's a good thing that Daenerys' dragons are still fledgelings in this fight or poor Robert wouldn't stand a change. Still, he's taken down Targaryens before.

Roberto has his own website and actually makes games so I highly encourage you to go over there and throw all your love and money at him to make this happen. Here's the last teaser pic for the Game of Thrones beat-em-up:

The possibilities in a fighting gaming that doesn't need to follow canon are amazing. Rhaegar vs The Night King? Strong Belwas vs Wun Wun? Finally, the Clegane bros battle we've been longing to see on TV? I'd be all for seeing this and then some in glorious BlazBlue style.

Who are you rooting for in the above match-ups?

Which characters would you pick for your GoT battle game?


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