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Do you recall the days of yore when a trip to your local video game store would give you the opportunity to play—if only for a few minutes—one of the most highly anticipated games at the time? Provided there weren't any over excited younglings gripping the PS2 controllers with their sweat-addled hands, you could be lucky enough to try all sorts of games and consoles in store, provided you had the time.

Them days are over, friends. You gotta pay for that time now, apparently.

Wanna Try PlayStation VR In Your Local Gaming Store? You Better Be Ready To Pay

This is the advert that ignited a rather heated debate online regarding the use of PlayStation VR in GAME, specifically the branch based in the UK.

Here's how the process works. You book a time and date for your PS VR demo in your area, leave your phone number and your name, then pay the relevant fee. These are the three available sessions:

  • For a 10 minute demonstration: £5.00 ($6.11)
  • For a 20 minute demonstration: £10.00 ($12.22)
  • For a 30 minute demonstration: £15.00 ($18.32)

However, should you have already put a deposit down on PlayStation VR, which currently costs £350, you get a 30 minute demo for free.

Before you jump on into the experience, a member of staff at your local consumer-swindling GAME will brief you on the conduct expected during the demo. Here's the small print, ya'll:

  • Remain seated at all times and until headset is removed;
  • close eyes and raise your hand if you become uncomfortable and want to stop the demo;
  • remain calm and minimize erratic head and limb movements;
  • stop moving if GAME staff place a hand on your shoulder; and
  • not touch, remove or interfere with the headset or connected equipment except as directed by GAME staff.

Of course, should you be completely sold on the hardware after your experience and wish to put a deposit down on PS VR, the fee you paid is then deducted from the usual sum. However, this can only be done immediately after your demo experience. Better make up your mind pretty damn fast, disoriented one!

This 30 minute experience better be worth a third of a game purchase!
This 30 minute experience better be worth a third of a game purchase!

So, naturally, gamers were pretty irate about the idea of people having to pay for these experiences, regardless of whether they lived in the UK or not. Here are some of the responses:

We feel ya. Can't we just go back to the days when your local gaming store was a place of joy and tons of free gaming fun?

What do you make of this move?


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