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The unconditional love for Nintendo has for generations reshaped players hearts into a fanatical rhythm for gaming. Nothing pulls heart strings quite like Nintendo's GameCube.

Tossing and turning in a nostalgic dream is one way to relive the pleasure of Metroid Prime, but there is another more tangible option. For Martijn Gazenbeek (Akira), his DIY hands have forged something truly tremendous.

He calls it the Varia Cube, and if you ever wished the Nintendo GameCube switched it up, the wait is over - check this out.

Say Hello To My Portable Friend

The Varia Cube has more bells and whistles than a town crier at a rave party. In an act of cyberpunk inventiveness, has re-engineered the into his own personalized system. The reshaped result is a new and improved technical wonderland of old-school possibilities.

Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Martijn Gazenbeek
Credit: Martijn Gazenbeek

I can see it now, while squeezed between peak hour commuters, the design would act as a beacon attracting a sea of jealous onlookers on the morning train. Their envies joy subtly expressed through the slight raise of simultaneous eyebrows as you gleefully play unaware in retro heaven...

What's Under The Hood?

Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards

There have been many attempts at modifying consoles into handheld devices by other enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many are nothing more than a dry hump on an overdressed mannequin with lipstick.

That's not the case with Akira and his amazing Varia Cube.

Check out all the technical bits and pieces:

  • Case made out of a Nintendo GameCube ASCII Keyboard
  • Painted in de color scheme of Samus Aran's Varia Suit
  • Gamecube Pal motherboard
  • Original Gamecube heatsink with custom fan
  • All original Nintendo controls and sticks
  • N64 joystick caps
  • Nintendo DS Lite Dpad
  • Full original analog trigger (L and R buttons)
  • Strong Rumble Feedback Motor
  • 7 Inch LCD, VGA, 800 x 480, 16:9, Dalian Good-Display
  • Original Nintendo Component video chip wired to produce VGA and Component out
  • Swiss software can force any game into 480P and use a widescreen hack to force 16:9 (no stretch) for correct ratio
  • Wasp Fusion modchip flashed with Swiss Autoboot firmware
  • 6400 mAh batteries (4 x Panasonic 3400 mAh 18650), 2.5 hours gameplay
  • Battery Indicator with 4 leds to see how much power is left
  • 128 MB Memorycard soldered directly onto the motherboard (GameCube slot-A)
  • SD Gecko adapter to run homebrew and emulators through Swiss (GameCube slot-B)
  • Mini 2*3W @ 4O PAM8803 Class D Audio AMP
  • Stereo sound speakers, Used from ASUS ME172V MemoPad
  • Switching Stereo headphone jack
  • Vga breakout box connector to hook up the console to tv
  • Switch to select between VGA/Component and Swapping controls from console to breakoutbox for player one
  • Audio can be controlled using right most menu button
  • Video controls to access display menu and switch between AV (composite) and VGA Display
  • Play/n/charge, System can play from wall socket while being charged (comes with charger and power adapter)
  • Comes with 12V car adapter, play on the go with the high amp adapter
  • Comes with 1 x 32GB SD card for GameCube games (wasp fusion slot) and 1 x 8GB for Homebrew, Games and Emulators (GameCube Slot-B)
  • Comes with breakout box
  • Breakout box has 4 player ports, Component video port (Y Pr PB), Composite video and stereo audio ports, Compatible with wavebird
  • System comes with transport case

It Can Be Played As A Console

Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards

With the Varia Cube, every detail has been well thought out. Just like the , the can also double as an actual console, with the design allowing direct interface with a TV.

Did you keep your original GameCube controllers?

With the Varia Cube, you can plug those straight in, no problem. The fact that you can turn it up a notch to go GameCube by sitting back on the couch with mates once again instigates a new console war with the present. Do I Switch?

I Wish I Had One

Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards
Credit: Bit Fix Gaming boards

The GameCube represents a fixed point in time for many. To play such iconic games such as: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker — seemingly anywhere, anytime is hopefully an idea Nintendo will emulate with their own systems.

Source: Bit Fix Gaming boards


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