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The potential of games to comment on, critique and even effect society is becoming more obvious every day. Games can have a big impact whether in potentially negative ways as propaganda, or through positive means, by providing people the tools to build their own worlds or adjust to disabilities. , like movies, comics and even the novel, are making the shift from entertainment to art form, and some groups, like Games For Change, are asking the big questions: "How can games change the world?"

Games For Change Is Offering $10,000 For Games About Migration

[Credit: Games For Change]
[Credit: Games For Change]

Games For Change, the non-profit group that explores how games can effect positive social change, have teamed up with the Migration Policy Institute to offer a $10,000 prize to the best game about migration. The game doesn't need to be completed, as design specs, prototypes and ideas can also be submitted to the competition.

Games For Change is looking for works that explore the deep and complex relationships between immigrant groups and local populations. As the competition website states:

"How can a game help people understand and work through concerns over perceived job competition and changes in the cultural fabric while recognizing the economic, linguistic, and cultural benefits that can accrue to the broader society when immigrants can also succeed? How can a game experience emphasize community engagement to help migrants and their neighbors improve their understanding of each other?"

Papers Please was a previous winner of a prize from Games For Change [Credit: 3909 LLC]
Papers Please was a previous winner of a prize from Games For Change [Credit: 3909 LLC]

According to the submission guidelines, winning entries will explore integration and present ways for players to understand the value of immigrants and refugees in real life.

Entry to the competition will be open to anyone who submits before February 15th, no matter their location or level of experience. You can find the guidelines on their website, as well as the submission form for the competition. Previous winners of prizes from Games For Change have included the satirical passport control game Papers Please and the critically lauded Gone Home, which you can watch the trailer for below.

Do you have a favorite game you think is making a positive change in the world? Let us know in the comments.

Source: (Games For Change)


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