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Pottermore recently released its "Discover your Patronus" feature and witches and wizards all over the world found out what their true Patronuses were. Some were expected, but most were a surprise (sometimes good, sometimes bad).

But you know what those Patronuses weren't? Video game characters. And quite frankly, I think it would be pretty cool to see a silvery, wisp-like version of video game characters summoned to protect their casters from Dementors.

Before you say anything, yes, I know Patronuses can only be animals. But we're gonna go ahead and take a few liberties here just because. Plus — spoiler alert — a lot of the characters on this list could be considered animals. Of some kind. Probably. Anyways, here are some video game characters I think would make for some pretty awesome Patronuses.

1. Link (Legend of Zelda series)

Sure, it might be a little weird to see an actual person as a Patronus, but Link is often cartoony enough that it could totally work. Plus, as an easy transition for the rest of the list, he does have a wolf form in Twilight Princess that would totally work as a normal Patronus.

Seriously though, how cool would it be to see Link whirl his Master Sword around and take down and entire wave of Dementors at the same time? Or, if we're going with Wolf Link, jump from Dementor to Dementor, chomping them to dust?

2. The Arbiter ('Halo 2')

It's been a while since I've played a Halo game, but I still remember The Arbiter from the second installment of the series. Personally, I love playing as him! Plus, he added a bit of dimension to what had previously been one-dimensional bad guys. In short, he may technically be part of the Covenant, but he's not really a bad guy.

So, he totally works as a Patronus. I would kill to be able to see a silvery, vaporous Arbiter slash at Dementors with an energy sword. I just hope he doesn't accidentally sword-glitch during a charge and launch into the distance before taking care of all the Dementors.

3. Reaper ('Overwatch')

Reaper is um... okay, yeah, he's a bad guy. Sure, he was once a good-guy member of Overwatch but those days are over and he's totally bad now. Who cares, though? Maybe some bad witches and wizards out there are strong enough to create a Patronus. Or maybe a good guy has a bit of inner angst that manifests in the form of Reaper. Whatever the case, he'd be a cool Patronus.

He already has the whole floaty/wispy thing goin' on, and his ultimate not being used to shoot silvery magic bullets at a horde of Dementors would be the world's worst missed connection.

4. Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Not actually Sonic.
Not actually Sonic.

Look, I may or may not have included this in here because I got a hedgehog as my Patronus and wanted an excuse to show it off.

But you know what? Sonic would totally work as a Patronus, and not just because hedgehogs can actually be Patronuses. He already has shown the ability to spin in the air and then bounce from enemy to enemy, which is perfect for fighting Dementors. And he's up again just one, he could easily spin straight into the Dementor as if it were a bowling ball before the creepy masked baddie knew what was happening.

5. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot series)

I'm a sucker for the classics and Crash Bandicoot is definitely a classic for me. I played the games nonstop as a kid, and if there's a part of me hidden deep within that would jump to my rescue when I need it, Crash would be it.

He's technically an animal — unless you buy into the conspiracy that he and Overwatch's Junkrat are one and the same — but he also knows how to take on all the bad guys. Unlike most of these, I'm not entirely sure how he'd do it, but it would be weird, it would be awesome, and it would be Crash.

6. Dratini (Pokemon series)

Dratini is one of my favorite Pokemon, so really, I had to include it on this list. There are a lot of Pokemon out there, so if you don't like Dratini here, just pick your favorite and sub it in. Regardless, Dratini would be awesome as a Patronus.

Outside of already having cloud-and-sky-like aspects, Dratini is cartoony and cute. It makes for a perfect translation into a Patronus and I would totally rock many a Dementor with Dratini's adorable cuteness.

7. Mallow ('Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars')

If you never played Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, then you really should. It's out for the Wii U virtual console now and it's a darn good game. Plus, it has an awesome cast of characters that includes the humanoid cloud above, Mallow.

Mallow gets my final pick because he's not only adorable, he's also perfect for Patronus-ification. He's already, well, a cloud, so the wispy nature of Patronuses is just one step removed from his natural form. Plus, he's shown himself to be a fighter and seriously, look at that smile.

There are several more video game characters that I could have put on this list, but I'll leave some of those choices up to you. Whomever you feel deserves the Patronus treatment probably does, and I'd love to hear your ideas!

What Video Game Characters Do You Think Deserve To Be Patronuses?


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