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Anyone who's played a video game is well aware of how ridiculously funny this art form can be. For those that disagree with this notion, consider yourselves schooled. Here are over 20 of Now Loading's favorite gaming gifs, from incredible stunts and insane glitches, to general hilarity and madness.

Gaming Gifs To Brighten Your Day

"I'm Such A Great Archite...aaaahh Shite"

So, You Think You Can Play GTA? You're Wrong

"You Win This One, Cow..."

"Help! Someone Assassinated My Genitals!"

"I Got You Now Mirelu....Oh Crap"


"I Got You, Buddy...Ehhh"

Totally Meant For That To Happen

"Surprise Motherf****r!"

"Oh You're Gonna Tear Off My Wing, Huh?"

I Can't Believe This Was Created

"Oh God, MY HORSE!!!"

The James Bond Of Video Games

"Oh Shit, He's Coming! Quick Turn On The Water!"

Yeah...Thanks DICE

Some People Don't Deserve VR

Crossbow To The Lips

"Stay Here, Muggle!"

"I'm Okay, I Can Walk It Oooooooo"


Perfect Landingaaaaaaahhh

...The Hell?

Which gif is your favorite?

Have any more you'd like to share? Then throw them in the comments!


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