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Freeze! Stop right there! There's a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Eli Thompson.


Recently, there's been an unusual surge of popularity for Grand Theft Auto Online Twitch streams, with the game regular receiving over 50,000 concurrent viewers. This huge view count only gets more impressive when you realize that , a game that's been out since 2013, is competing with titans of Twitch like , Dota 2, and League of Legends for viewership, and still managing to sit in the top five on a regular basis.

So what could be the reason for this strange boost in viewership, you ask? Witchcraft maybe? Or just dumb luck? Well, the reason is simpler than you think, and that reason has a name. And a Twitch stream.

Sheriff Eli.

But Who Is Sheriff Eli?


Sheriff Eli, otherwise known as Eli Thompson, is one of Twitch's biggest breakout stars. His channel, which you can find here, regularly gets over 20,000 concurrent viewers. Sheriff Eli patrols a modded server on GTA Online, arresting criminals and stopping bad guys as his hard-ass, no nonsense alter-ego.

He even follows real police procedure, reading criminals their rights before handcuffing them and taking them to the station in his police cruiser. This deep knowledge of police procedure stems from real life, where Eli served in the police force for 5 years, meaning that some of his arrests aren't just badass, they're also educational!

Man, who would've thought that learning could be so cool?

People Love A Man In Uniform!

Sheriff Eli's escapades have brought the hard-ass hero a serious fan following, with some dedicated fans making fan art, wallpapers, and donating money to help keep his law enforcing adventures going for a long time to come!


The Sheriff does work hard for this sort of following though, streaming for around 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday (because every good Sheriff deserves the weekend off!).

However, his fans reactions are more than enough to repay his hard work, with many of them raving about his crime-fighting endeavors all over Twitter:

Unfortunately, if you're looking to get into a game with Sheriff Eli himself, then you're going to be waiting a very long time. The Sheriff currently fights crime on a private server, which is very strict with its admittance in order to prevent griefers from jumping in to break the immersion, and ruin everyone's fun.

However, there is a waiting list for a space in this very exclusive club, so if you're patient enough then maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to take a ride in Sheriff Eli's police cruiser! Hopefully you won't get locked up for too long though...

You can check out Sheriff Eli's awesome streams on his channel, here.

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